Perry’s Paddock Family Session | Evie

Evie is my beautiful niece, and I’ve known her since the very second she was born as I was there to capture her Birth Story. I was also there before she was born with their Maternity Session, and afterwards with her Fresh 48 and Newborn Lifestyle session. I always love following the full journey with my families, and it makes it extra special when the little person is such an important part of my world. Ashlee and Matt asked me to capture some images for them to celebrate Evie turning one recently – ONE!! That first year goes by simultaneously slowly and quickly, and is the most challenging yet beautiful time in your life!! Not every day is easy, not every day is beautiful, but when you look back on it you’ll always miss it just a little bit. From her first cuddle with her parents…to those early days in the hospital as they get to know their new baby…to those early weeks at home when they’re figuring out their ‘new normal’ (a ‘normal’ that will constantly change and evolve)…to holding her hands as she practises standing, listening to her giggles, and watching her personality continue to shine. They’re all beautiful moments to freeze, because they’re all moments that pass silently by with time. Happy first year beautiful Evie!!

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Perry’s Paddock Maternity Session | Dea

This session just has alllll the feels!!! We went ahead with it despite the rain, as we’d had to cancel the week before due to storms, and we didn’t want to risk Dea’s baby being born before we were able to reschedule again!! Dea was also getting her hair and makeup done, so we decided to just go ahead. We changed the location from The Pines to Perry’s Paddock as I prefer the openness of Perry’s Paddock on overcast days, and we also pushed the session earlier in the afternoon as we weren’t going to be getting the golden hour glow. It was sooo worth it!! I think the rain gives a beautiful magical feel to their images, and it will be something they’ll always remember!!

Lucky for me, Chris and Dea brought out two umbrellas, so I was able to continue shooting despite the rain. Chris was an amazing assistant holding the camera over my head when he wasn’t involved in the shots, and the rest of the time I juggled the umbrella and camera. Our shoes were sodden, we were wet, there was less of an opportunity to move around, but I absolutely love the end result!! Dea chose the perfect dress to compliment both her gorgeous baby bump and the environment, and although Chris wasn’t overly thrilled at the idea of the session, I think he did pretty well! I’m so glad they have these memories to look back on, and I hope they are too! Dea described her images as ‘beautiful, natural and fun’ – perfect!

I’m also meeting with Dea for her 48 Session and her Newborn Lifestyle session, and I can’t wait to meet their beautiful baby! I have a huge hunch it might be a girl – so let’s see if I’m right!! By booking in more than one session, you get discounts on your additional sessions – which means more gorgeous images for less of the cost!

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Perry’s Paddock Family Session | The Kennedy Family

Soraya’s daughter Ellie has recently turned two, and they wanted to get some family photos to capture the love and happiness in their family unit. Poor Ellie was sick the first time we’d planned our session, so we rescheduled to a couple of weeks later, and thankfully Ellie was all better! We almost had to reschedule again due to the weather, but thankfully the rain stayed away (just a few spots when we arrived). We met at Perry’s Paddock which is one of my favourite locations. It’s a beautiful spot not only during that gorgeous Golden Hour when the sun is setting, but also on overcast days like this one was.

This session is filled with absolutely beautiful images capturing the very thing Soraya had wanted – the beautiful love and happiness in their family. There was dancing, nursery rhymes, flying in the sky, spinning, and lots of cuddles. Dad was the flavour of the month for Ellie towards the start of the session, but by the end it was Mum who had her heart! It’s very obvious that they all have a beautiful bond, and I’m so glad to have been able to capture it for them. As usual, when there are kids involved in my sessions, the focus is on making things fun for them, and never forcing them to sit still or do something that doesn’t make them happy. I give them breaks when they need them, and keep them involved when they’re happy to be involved.

One thing I like to do when kids are having a little break, is to capture some images of Mum and Dad together. It’s not often we get the time to be together without kids around, and I really want to be able to celebrate that relationship as well. I’m always so happy at how parents love to do this, and are happy to have a little fun with it as well!

I loved spending time with this family, and freezing some moments in time. They’ll always have these images to look back on the time Ellie had just turned two, and it was just the three of them!

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Perry’s Paddock Family Session in Perth|The Krause Family

Extended family sessions are so much fun! They’re generally noisy, chaotic and there are so many different connections to capture. Often when we think about a family session we only think of our immediate family, but there are so many people beyond that who are just as important and I think it’s a beautiful way to create some memories together. Kerry contacted me to take some photos for her and her extended family, as everyone was together for the first time in EIGHT YEARS!!! Her mother-in-law and father-in-law were over from South Africa, and her brother-in-law and his family were over from Brisbane for Christmas – the first Christmas they’d spend together in many years. A photo shoot is a perfect way to preserve memories of this time together, especially after it being 8 years in the making!! Christmas this year would be very different for all of them, and very special!

Throughout the shoot I couldn’t help but think about how it must feel for the Grandparents in that moment. To be reunited with their two sons and their 5 grandchildren and to see them all together in one place for the first time in so many years. I imagine the bittersweet emotions – the joy of all being together, but the sadness of their separation. I think it’s truly beautiful that they experienced this photo shoot together so that they could have gorgeous memories to look back on during the time that they would need to be apart again.

It had been such a long time since they’d been together, that the cousins had only just met each other the night before! This did mean that they were a little reserved with each other and needed some more encouragement to interact, so we played some Chinese Whisper games amongst other things to help them become a little more familiar with each other. During my shoots I really want people to have fun and enjoy themselves, and to focus on the person or people in front of them. I want them to think about what they mean to each other, and take some time out of crazy life to just BE together. I’m always warmed by the interactions that result from this – the dancing couple, the natural laughter, the hands holding and the playfulness that comes when people are relaxed. Throughout this shoot there were many opportunities for me to capture the genuine connections between each family, as they would just naturally come together and show their affection towards each other. It was also a little cold so some extra cuddles were helpful!!

I hope that the Krause family enjoy looking back on their memories for many years, and I also hope that it’s not another 8 years until they’re all together again!! Thank you for letting me into your world!

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Perry’s Paddock Extended Family Session | The Milner Family

The Milner Family is like my own family, as Ciara has been my best friend since High School. I grew up sleeping over at their house, and experiencing what life was like in a large family compared to my own tiny one at the time (not so tiny anymore ha ha!). Since then, we’ve been in each others weddings, held each others babies (Ciara stayed the entire night one night and held my youngest baby so that I could sleep – now that’s a true friend!), had play dates with our kids, and Ciara’s sister Anna’s children go to the same school as my own kids. Ciara is ‘Aunty Ciara’ to my kids, and I’m ‘Aunty Lans’ to hers. I’ve shot for Anna’s mothers group, and I’ve shot for Kevin and his dog Rocco. I was so happy to shoot for their entire family recently at Perry’s Paddock. There is always a lot of fun and laughter when this family are together, and I love being around them. They have a great sense of humour and don’t take themselves too seriously, so they were more than happy to have fun with it all. We had adults being lifted in the air, kids being spun around, shoulder rides, Nanna and Bop dancing together (yes, the kids call their Grandfather ‘Bop’ – so cute!) and running races. All of this makes for some genuine laughter and genuine emotions – which is what I love to capture the most. The kids also had a lot of ideas themselves, and I was hearing ‘Alana! Alana!’ as they wanted me to take a photo of them doing something particular! Although it was pretty cold down at Perry’s Paddock that evening (particularly for those in sleeveless outfits!), I think we all had a lot of fun. Thank you Milner/Armour/Slim clan for letting me capture some memories for you, and thank you for always welcoming me into your family!

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Perry’s Paddock Family Session in Perth | The Pabedinskas Family

Aileen and I met in mothers group with our first babies. Her little girl Abby was 3 months older than the rest of our babies, and at the time that seemed like such a big deal! I always felt like Aileen knew so much more than me because her baby was older than mine! That was over 10 years ago now, and since then we’ve both gone on to have 3 more children each (Yep! We’re both crazy enough to have 4 kids!!). We don’t get to see each other as often as we used to (distance and time comes between us all), but we catch up when we can and I’ve been lucky enough to photograph her family for the last 3 years. Aileen is one of those amazingly organised people who ensures that they get a photo session every year and I think it’s a GREAT idea. What better way to document how everyone is growing, and to also dedicate some time just to your family??! I’m sure this doesn’t excite her family at the moment – but one day they’ll appreciate how they have beautiful images each year documenting how they’ve grown and changed.

This year we had FOUR attempts to get out session in!! The first time was cancelled due to illness, and the next two due to weather. Finally fourth time was the charm – although we had to change locations to Perry’s Paddock (we’d been planning to check out the beautiful blossoms in the hills). Now, I LOVE Perry’s Paddock, however I’ve never been there when the grass (weeds??!!) have been soooo long and unfortunately this caused quite a few hay fever issues, particularly for poor Aileen and Abby. She sent me a photo later that evening with their eyes red and puffed up, and a warning not to touch my eyes with my hands before washing them! So although I love Perry’s Paddock, I might avoid it during spring if you suffer from hay fever too badly! Luckily for us, there is no evidence of red puffy eyes in the images, and as usual they all look gorgeous! I’ve always loved photographing Aileen and I know this will probably embarrass her – but the camera just loves her! She’s truly beautiful and expressive, and her smile is so warm and sincere. I don’t think she even knows how to ‘fake smile’?!

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Perry’s Paddock Couples Session | Jade and Zac

Jade contacted me quite awhile ago and was interested in getting some photos taken with her and her partner, although her partner took a little convincing! She got there in the end, and I’m soooo glad she did as I LOVE all of her images!! We met at Perry’s Paddock during the Golden Hour (it’s so beautiful there at that time), as Jade liked that it would remind Zac of growing up on the farm. Jade also brought along a couple of blankets which were special to her – one which her mum had made for her 21st birthday, and one which is in her favourite colour and is what they use in their home together. It was quite cold, so the blanket came in handy at the end! I told Jade and Zac not to worry about having to smile at the camera, and that if they were ever unsure of what to do, just to get close to each other and touch each other in some way. For me, the perfect photo is one that shows your genuine connection, and I love that Jade and Zac’s images do that. Their connection was beautiful and real, and we spoke about how once you find your person that it’s hard to imagine life without them. I absolutely love that Jade and Zac took time out to celebrate their relationship together and get some beautiful images taken of their connection. Just the two of them. Before marriage, before kids, just Jade and Zac. Where it all begins. I truly believe that they are going to have such a beautiful life together, and I’m so happy to have been a part of celebrating their relationship.

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Perry’s Paddock Family Session | The Longman Family

Wow! Just wow! As soon as the two boys ran up to me in their suits, I knew we were going to be in for an amazing session! This family was so much fun, and I loved how they were all just willing to have fun and be silly together and enjoy each others company, whilst letting me capture their amazing connection! Watching them was like glimpsing into my own future with my 4 kids when they grow up – I can only hope that they all have the same level of connection which is just beautiful to watch. The youngest Noah even gave his older sister a flower and asked her to marry him (or ‘not’ marry him – I wasn’t quite sure ha ha). Such a beautiful family, and I loved every single image from this session. It made my heart so happy when they were able to invest in them all!

We had our session at Perry’s Paddock right before sunset – which is quickly becoming one of my favourite locations. The light there is so beautiful at that time of day – with the sun filtering through the trees before sunset, and then even as the sun has set, a gorgeous light remains. This is when we can get beautiful images in the open field, and the silhouette shot. Every time I look at this silhouette image I laugh! It’s a perfect example of how every member of the family was so much fun! As always, I make sure to get some images of mum and dad alone, and this couple did not disappoint! Absolutely beautiful!

Kate said that they had never had family photos done, so I’m very glad that  they allowed me to take some for them! If you’d like to capture some beautiful memories yourself, Contact me here. If you’d like to view more of my family sessions, have a look at my Family Portfolio.