Recently I’ve added photo books to one of my collections. There are many reasons I love photo books:

  1. I’m a big believer in displaying memories and looking back on them. I also love printing some images and displaying them around the home, but photo books are the perfect way to preserve those memories even when you update the frames around your house. As time passes, the photo book remains as something you can look through any time you like. Images in frames may change, but the photo book will always be the same.
  2. I’m a storyteller through my images. My main goal when doing my sessions is not to get the ‘perfect everyone smiling at the camera’ photo (although sometimes we’re lucky enough to get those too!). My main goal is to tell the story of your family – whether that’s on location or in your home. I tell the story through detail shots, through moments captured, emotions and moods, through different perspectives and things that make you, YOU. Some of these images may not be ones you’d frame – and yet they tell the story of you and your family. Photo books allow them to be preserved and remain part of the story. Nothing makes me happier than when a client can have all of their images, and keep them in a photo book to look through in years to come.
  3. They look beautiful. The photo books I create have a linen cover – there are multiple colours to choose from to suit your session – and are customised with whichever title you choose. They look beautiful displayed on a shelf or in the nursery – which makes them easily accessible to look through compared to bulky albums.
  4. You’re more likely to look at a photo book. Images in frames may change; images on the computer may be forgotten; images in bulky albums may not be opened – but a beautiful photo book which is specific to one moment in time is much easier to keep on hand (think bookshelf, coffee table, nursery) and therefore much easier to always look through.
  5. They’re perfect gifts. If you’re looking for a special gift to give someone, the photo books are a perfect option. One client recently ordered an 11×11 for herself, and an 8×8 as a gift for her sister. Another bought some photo books of their family session for the Grandparents.
  6. You can choose which images you want in there. I create a photo book, and then share it with you online. Once you’re happy with it, I’ll order it. Delivery usually takes a few weeks.
  7. They just feel special. Including them in packages allows you to get something tangible and special from your session. It’s a beautiful way to remember the time which is obviously special to you – as you’ve gone to the effort of booking a photo session.
  8. Time passes so quickly. The big reason I love taking photos is because I want to freeze time along the way. It all passes so quickly. The newborn won’t be a newborn for long; your family won’t look the same in another year…or 5…or 10…; your pregnancy will be a memory in only a few short months; your birth can never be re-experienced. Photo books allow you to revisit that time by picking up your book, and soaking in those memories of a time since passed.

These are just some of the reasons I love photo books and have included them in one of my collections. I don’t want to just give you images that will get lost – I want to give you memories that will last. If you’d like more information on photo books, please don’t hesitate to Contact Me.