Styling Guide

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What do I wear to my shoot?

This is a common question and is an important part of the photo shoot to consider, as it will have a big impact on the overall images. As a general guide, I recommend:


  • Stick to the same TONES, but don’t overly match (don’t all wear blue jeans and a white t-shirt)
  • Neutral colours are always good – use 3-4 neutral colours as your base, then everyone can use these to coordinate their outfits (e.g. grey, tan, cream, blue, lighter brown and white)
  • Primary colours or versions of them, tend to work well (e.g. yellow/mustard, red/maroon, blue/navy/royal)
  • When adding colour, choose 2-3 main colours, and 1 accent pop of colour
  • Avoid fluorescent or really bright colours – strong colours can look great, but not fluorescent. If you wear strong colours, then make sure it’s more of a feature colour rather than the whole outfit (e.g. mustard jumper with denim jeans), and avoid EVERYONE wearing a strong colour
  • Avoid too much black where possible – especially if someone is in a lot of black, and someone else is in a lot of white
  • With newborn shoots, stick to simple colours (grey, black and white with pops of soft blues and pinks) and simple clothing
  • Think about the location of your shoot – if you are at the beach, wear colours that you would see at the beach (e.g. white, cream, soft blues), if your shoot is in the park – consider contrasting with the greenery with warm colours such as red, oranges or yellows, in addition to some neutral colours.


  • Avoid clashing patterns – patterns can be great, as long as not everyone is wearing them. Florals are beautiful for little girls and women. Stripes and spots can also be great, but stick to one person wearing them
  • Avoid logos or writing on clothing


  • Textures and layers look great – think layers of a kimono/shawl over a singlet, lacy or textured material, textured beanie on a cold day, scarves and boots, tshirts and jumpers, jackets and vests Think about the style of clothes matching location (e.g. if you are in the woods, it may look out of place to be wearing heels and a fancy dress). With lifestyle shoots, wear clothes you would normally wear at home, without trying to match
  • If you don’t know where to start, pick one outfit you really love, and style the rest of the outfits around that
  • Make sure you (and everyone) feel comfortable in the clothes Show off your personality in your clothes – don’t feel that you need to dress plain if your personality and style is eclectic – you want the photos to represent the real YOU
  • Think about your shoes – if you’re wearing a nice dress, pair it with a nice pair of wedges, boots or heels – not old thongs or sneakers
  • The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your choices. There is no need to go and buy a new outfit (although it’s always a good excuse if you’re looking for one!)

Feel free to contact me for further help, or send me photos of clothing you’re considering. It can be challenging styling your photo session- but also lots of fun!