What is a Lifestyle Session?

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What is a Lifestyle Session?

A lifestyle session aims to capture the everyday moments in a beautiful way. It’s captured in your home, with your own surroundings and your own memories. One day you can look back on the photos and remember that bedspread you had, the toys across the floor, the nursery set up, and those couches you spent your days and evenings on. Lifestyle photography aims to capture the essence of you and your family, with minimal posing and no additional props. With newborns, it aims to capture those little details – such as the tiny toes, the way they hold onto your finger, the resettling and swaying in your arms when they won’t sleep, the never ending nappy changes, or the multitasking of holding a baby whilst making lunch.

Where do you take photos in a Lifestyle Session?

Photos are taken inside your home, and usually in the areas where you spend the most time. When I arrive, however, I’ll have a quick walk through to see where the best lighting might be – and maybe I’ll suggest something strange like having a little picnic in the hallway instead of the kitchen because the light is better in the hallway! Most of the time there are at least some photos taken on Mum and Dad’s bed – and sometimes the kids will even be allowed to jump on it (just this one time!).

What do we do in a Lifestyle Session?

The aim of Lifestyle Sessions is to capture you and your family in a REAL way – not just in a way where everyone is dressed nicely and smiling for the camera. Lifestyle sessions have very minimal posing – although situations will be set up so that we can capture some of the memories you want to freeze in the time allocated for the session. For example, we may capture dressing your little one, reading your child a story, doing dishes together, making a cake together, playing a board game together – whatever is real and relevant for your family. If it’s a newborn lifestyle session, we may capture you just laying and looking at your new little baby and their little toes and gorgeous features, or we may capture you feeding your baby, dressing your baby, or putting him to sleep. Before the session I encourage you to think about the things that make your family special and let me know the type of things you might like to freeze in time.

We will also likely just spend some time with your family hanging out on your bed. You don’t all need to be sitting nicely and looking at the camera – although we will often get some of those as well – lifestyle is all about capturing those real and genuine connections. What happens when the kids start jumping on the bed? What happens when your little one comes in for a snuggle? In your session just be as relaxed as possible. The aim isn’t to be perfect – the aim is to be genuine.

Do I need to clean the house?

No! Lifestyle is real and authentic, so things don’t have to be perfect. However, I would recommend some decluttering and a basic tidy – you just don’t need to go crazy! Especially if you have a newborn, you don’t want to be worrying about everything looking perfect!

What do we wear?

Lifestyle is about being genuine and authentic. There is no need to go out and buy new outfits (although – any excuse for a new outfit, right?!). Wear the clothes in your cupboard – things you feel relaxed in and comfortable. Keep in mind avoiding logos and fluro colours, and some of the other tips in my Styling Guide, however there is no need to be overly dressed up. Having said that – avoid wearing your worst/oldest gym clothes that you might normally wear around the house on the weekend! A nice jumper and jeans with hair loosely tied back, looks beautiful and natural and is a good compromise between being too casual, and being too dressed up. You can also view my blog for further information Styling tips to help you plan your photo shoot.

With kids, you might like to let them choose what to wear so that they feel that they can let their little personalities out. For example, if they want to wear their tutu and tiara – let them! It captures who they are at this moment in time! You may want to restrict their choices, so that they at least pick something you have pre-approved!

How long does the session go for?

Lifestyle sessions usually last for 1-2 hours. If there are particular activities you really want to capture, but they are only done at certain times of the day (e.g. putting your little one to sleep) – then let me know and we can try to book the session so that the time suits. Many activities can be recreated so that they are done at times you wouldn’t normally (e.g. making pancakes at lunch time instead of breakfast, or getting your little one dressed in pj’s in the middle of the day), but some do require very specific timing.

Contact me for further information or to book in your session! You can also view my Lifestyle Newborn Portfolio and Family Portfolio for examples of what you can expect from our session!