About Alana

Thank you for considering me to capture some beautiful memories for you and to help you tell your story!! I’m passionate about giving you beautiful images which will not only mean so much to you today, but will mean even more to you as time passes and everything changes. And it all changes sooo quickly!! One day you’ll come across these photos and you’ll be transported back in time…you’ll remember the way you used to look down at your pregnant tummy as your journey as a family was just beginning… you’ll remember the emotions you felt as you locked eyes on your new little baby for the very first time…you’ll remember the couch you used to sit on as you held your baby while she slept… the way your son was not complete without his bunny and how your daughter used to play with your hair as she cuddled you…you’ll remember a little bit about the way life used to look as a family during this chapter of your life. All those little details, those ‘normal’ moments and natural connections – those are the ones that become the big moments. Those are the ones you’ll miss and the ones which change oh so quickly. These are the moments I want to capture for you, because they’re the moments that mean the most to me too.

I’m a storyteller through my photos. I’m not the photographer for you if you only want a few ‘smile at the camera’ portraits. That’s not what I’m about. I don’t want to capture a stiff, fake pose. I want to capture YOU. I have a lifestyle approach to photography and I want us to have FUN during our sessions so I can capture those natural moments and genuine connections! Don’t worry about looking at the camera – in fact, I don’t really want you to look at the camera at all! Don’t worry about how your kids are behaving (seriously – don’t stress! I just want to capture them as they are, not as perfect versions of themselves and I promise to still get beautiful photos!). Whether we’re on location during the gorgeous Golden Hour, or we’re capturing memories in your own home, my focus is always the same. It’s on capturing connection and on preserving the memories which mean the most to you – and I want to have fun while we do it!!

I’m a mum to 4 beautiful children (one girl and three boys), so I totally get that life with kids is both beautiful AND chaotic!! My kids are my world, and I also know the bittersweet ache of watching them grow up (does anyone else get emotional at birthdays?!). Photography is a passion from waaay back – even as a kid I was the one with a camera in my hand and that passion has only grown since having my own family. As well as photography, I love coffee (pretty much a necessity with 4 kids!), shopping, indulging in great food (but not cooking it!), and being able to be there for all those special moments with my friends and family. My life is busy, chaotic and full on – and I love it! I’m a firm believer that there’s beauty in chaos, you just have to see it!

If you’d love to capture some genuine, real life connections in a fun and relaxed session, then Contact me here! I’d love to hear from you and help you tell your story!

Alana xx