Click here to download the: Alana Prosper Photography – FAQ

How long will the shoot take?

The type of shoot you have chosen will determine how long the shoot will take. Location sessions are usually completed within 45 minutes – 1 hour, whereas Lifestyle sessions and Fresh 48 sessions in your home or hospital usually take a little longer (approximately 1 – 1.5 hours). It’s important to be punctual for your session in order to get the most out of your session.

What if my kids aren’t cooperating?

We all know that it’s impossible to predict children’s behaviour. This is one of the reasons I love the lifestyle approach to photography. For me, the perfect photo doesn’t need everyone to be sitting still and smiling at the camera. For me, the perfect photo includes the small details, the raw emotion, and your true story. It’s really important to try not to stress if your kids are misbehaving – if your face is showing frustration and anger then it will be more challenging to capture images you love. Embrace the mood of the day, and rest assured that I can still capture beautiful connections, details and emotions. If your child needs a cuddle because they’re crying and tired – a beautiful image can show their arms wrapped around your neck, or tears falling from their eyes – these are true and beautiful images. If your newborn is unsettled, this is all part of the story of having a newborn and deserves to be captured. I can also still capture their little toes and little hands during these times – images don’t have sound!

When will I see my photos?

I’m usually excited to see your images myself and tend to start on editing straight away. This usually means that you will be able to be able to view your full gallery within a week. Please allow for up to two weeks, as although I endeavour to get them completed as quickly as possible, we all know that sometimes life gets in the way and this isn’t always possible.

Once your gallery is complete, the images will be uploaded to pixieset and I will email you a link to view your gallery. From there, you can upgrade your chosen Collection if you wish and/or choose your favourite images (please refer to my Pricing on my website). Your gallery will be active for 3 days. Once you have chosen your Collection and/or your favourites, and once payment has been completed, I will email you a download PIN to download your images straight onto your computer. You can download at a quality suitable for social media, as well as Full Quality for printing. It’s important to note that the photos viewed before choosing your package will have my logo on them. Once you have chosen your favourites, the logo will be removed. Feel free to share the images you purchase!

Can I upgrade my Collection after viewing my gallery?

Yes! If you choose a Collection prior to your shoot, you’re able to upgrade once viewing your gallery. A minimum payment for the Simple Collection is required at the time of the shoot, and if you choose to upgrade once viewing your gallery then you’re able to do that – so don’t feel pressure to know exactly what Collection you’d like straight away!

How many photos do I get?

The type of package you have purchased will determine how many images you receive and the number of prints you receive. You will also have the option of purchasing additional individual photos at $45 each when purchasing one of the packages, as well as a number of products such as additional photo books or slideshows. Please refer to Pricing on my website for further details.

When do I receive my prints and other products?

The collection you’ve chosen will determine the number of prints you receive. Once you have chosen your prints, I will order them immediately. Once they arrive I will either post them, deliver them, or you can arrange to pick them up. Your prints will be matted, so please allow for larger frames (a 10×8 frame for the 5×7 prints and a 12×16 frame for the 8×12 prints). Alternatively, you can also purchase gorgeous frames through me. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your prints and any other products to arrive.

When do I get my photo book?

If your Collection includes a photo book, I will ask you to choose a number of favourite images to be included in the photo book. You can purchase additional pages if required – please refer to my Pricing for further information. Once full payment for your Collection has been received, I will then create a sample book for you and will share the link with you so that any changes can be made. You will be able to choose the colour of your book as well as the text on the cover and spine. Once you’re happy with the design of your book, I’ll be able to order it for you. Once it arrives, I can either mail it to you, deliver it to you, or you can pick it up from me.

What should I bring to the shoot?

If you have chosen a location shoot, it would be great if you could bring a nice blanket to sit on. If there are children in the shoot, you may like to bring a special cuddly toy, or some food to bribe them with! (Please make sure the food is not messy and does not come in packets – as this can then become part of your images!)

What should I wear?

It’s a good idea to avoid logos or clashing patterns – however florals, stripes and spots can work well (as long as not everyone is wearing a pattern). It’s also a good idea to avoid too much black – especially if some family members are dressed very dark, and some are dressed very light – as this can make lighting difficult. Keeping within the same tone, without overly matching, is a great idea. If you would like additional advice, feel free to contact me, and send me any pictures of clothing ideas you have. Refer to my Styling Guide on the website. You can also view this blog for further help Styling tips to help you plan your photo shoot.

When is payment required?

Upon booking, the $150 session fee is taken by transfer to secure your spot which will be credited towards your chosen Collection. You can purchase your Collection in advance, or you can wait until viewing your gallery. A minimum payment for the Simple Collection is required at the time of your session. Images will not be released to you, and photo books will not be designed, until full payment has been made. Your gallery will expire after 3 days. A fee of $50 will be applied if you require additional time to decide on your package choice. Payment options are available if you have chosen your package but are unable to pay the full amount immediately.

In the case of Birth Stories, a $400 deposit is required to secure me as your Birth Photographer. The remaining amount is required at 36 weeks of pregnancy. Payment plans are available, so please feel free to discuss with me if you would love a session but are unable to pay in only two instalments.

What happens if we have to cancel, or the weather is bad on the day?

When booking a shoot, I will take the $150 session fee to secure your spot. If you cancel and don’t reschedule, then this is not reimbursed. However, if you cancel due to illness or any other reason, we can simply reschedule your session. It’s preferable if at least 48 hours notice is given, however I know this isn’t always possible. If the weather is bad on the day, I will be in contact with you to discuss whether the shoot will continue. If we decide to cancel due to bad weather, we can simply reschedule to another date.

Will my photos be on facebook?

By participating in the shoot, you are agreeing to allow your images to be posted on my facebook and Instagram pages, my website, and used for any promotions. Please let me know if you are not happy for your images to be on social media.