Hyde Park Family Session – Sanchez Family

There’s nothing I love more than meeting up with my families again, and I’ve had the pleasure of catching up with this gorgeous bunch since Adriana was pregnant with Felix during their maternity session at The Pines. Next I was able to meet the gorgeous Felix during their newborn lifestyle session which are undoubtedly my favourite sessions to capture! And more recently (although I’m massively behind with blogs!), I met with them at Hyde Park for their family session. This beautiful family come into their session relaxed, willing to have fun and connect with each other, which makes for the most beautiful and natural images to be captured! During all of my sessions I want you to connect with each other, and not be focused on looking at the camera. That’s just my style – always looking for the authentic expressions of connection between you!

Hyde Park is one of those locations that is still beautiful outside of golden hour, but of course that magical period where the sun is setting always always always results in the most magical light!

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Newborn Lifestyle – Scarlett


Scarlett was born during Covid, which meant that her Daddy didn’t even get to meet for the first few weeks of her life, as he was stuck interstate. I was there to capture him meeting her for the first time at the Airport, and then met with them again a few weeks later to capture a lifestyle session in their home. Lifestyle sessions are totally relaxed, totally go with the flow, and totally authentic memories. It’s you on the couch with your baby…it’s feeding your baby and cuddling them…it’s your baby sleeping, crying, smiling….however they are in the moment. There are no props, no formal poses…just the beautiful authenticity of you and your baby. Simple, real life and intimate.

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Newborn Lifestyle Session – Luca

“Embrace the chaos” is something I truly believe in, and this is definitely something I want you to keep in mind during your newborn lifestyle session, especially when you have other kids! Don’t worry if your kids don’t ‘behave’ – these sessions are truly about going with the flow of life! I have 4 kids so I totally get the noise and chaos that comes with a busy house….the absolute best thing to do is just to go with it. If your kids need a break, give them one…if they don’t want to be in a photo, don’t force them…I know we can want things to turn out ‘perfectly’, but to me there is perfection in the natural chaos of life. As crazy as it is, we’ll miss it all when they grow!

No matter how chaotic it might feel, I can guarantee we’ll still get some beautiful images just like these. Remember, photos don’t have sound!

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Burns Beach Family Session – The Pabedinskas Family

Aileen is both a long term friend, and a repeat customer! She organises a family session every single year which is the perfect way to make sure YOU get in the shot with your kids and family, and that you can always have beautiful memories to look back on. Your kids change so much over time, and sometimes you don’t even realise until you look back on a photo. Aileen and her family have had past sessions at Perry’s Paddock and Burns Beach, and this year we were back at Burns Beach. The majority of my sessions are scheduled during golden hour, but at the beach it’s even more important for the light to do so for that gorgeous golden glow!

As usual, during my sessions, just let yourself go! Let yourself relax, have fun and be silly with your kids! Lots of fun, laughter and cuddles, so that the most authentic connections can be captured!

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Burns Beach Family Session – The May Family

Amy is my very good friend from my son’s mothers group, who also runs Amy Lee Photography. She’s been taking the time to get family photos from me for a number of years! You can look over past sessions with her, including at The Pines WannerooAmy’s maternity session at Perry’s Paddock, and their extended family session. We met at Burns Beach for their first session with their newest addition, the beautiful Delilah. Amy also had a gorgeous idea of wanting some naked pics of Delilah, which we got towards the very end. It got a little chilly, so they also brought a blanket, which in my opinion also creates beautiful texture and mood in your memories!

As usual, my sessions go with the flow according to the kids moods and their own personalities. It’s letting them have fun, be free, and let themselves shine!

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Perry’s Paddock Family Session – Grace, Jayden and Mason

Perry’s Paddock is my favourite place to shoot at, no doubt! It’s perfect during golden hour, overcast days, and even in the rain! This session was made even better by being able to catch up with this beautiful, strong mama and her two boys again, a year after their last session at The Pines in Wanneroo. Making that time to get regular photos of you and those you love…photos that include YOU in them…is so important! These boys will have so many memories to look back on of their mum. Memories that don’t show them stiffly smiling at the camera, but memories with feeling. Memories of their hugs, their kisses, the games and fun…the moments captured of their natural interaction and connection. Play with your kids…run with them…cuddle them…let your natural energy and emotions shine through. My sessions aren’t for making kids sit still and smiling for the camera. They’re about capturing authenticity and connection, the real life love between you!

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The Pines Family Session – The White Family

I first met this beautiful family during the birth of their gorgeous baby Aaron. I remember during their whole birth story, I was so taken by the beautiful energy and smile of Chantel, and I felt the exact same as I met them for their family session at The Pines in Wanneroo! Such a beautiful contagious energy, and a fun loving family! Family sessions are all about relaxing together, going with the flow (i.e. the moods of children!), and just having fun! Pick your kids up…spin them around…tickle them…kiss them.. play games…and don’t stress when they need a bit of a time out. Just go with it, and let me capture your family as you are – the natural, real life moments!

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The Pines Maternity Session | Becky

Becky and Ryan were expecting their first baby boy, and their session was a gift from their sister in law. We met at the beautiful Pines, on a day where the weather couldn’t quite decide what it wanted to do! The Pines is a stunning location, but is always that extra bit magical when the golden sunset comes out to play – and luckily it did just that for us! All my sessions are booked during the golden hour around sunset, for that perfect glow!

Becky and Ryan included their gorgeous dog Kaia in their session, as she is such a big part of their family. To keep Kaia behaving throughout the session, they brought along their sister in law to walk her around when she wasn’t needed for the photos, and little treats to keep her engaged. Kaia was an absolute star, and I’m so glad she was included!

Sometimes I come away from photographing people and I feel so uplifted from the energy that’s come from them – and this was one of those uplifting experiences. They were fun, relaxed, connected, and I could literally feel the love for each other through all the photos I was taking. Their little boy is one lucky little guy!

I’m always so happy when people choose to take the time for a maternity session – it’s one thing I never did for any of my pregnancies, and is something I’ll always regret. Being pregnant might be uncomfortable at times, and it’s certainly not all magical moments, but it’s still one of the most life changing and special times in your life. It’s soooo worth capturing in beautiful ways – not just with phone selfies, or those tummy shots up against the wall. Get some truly gorgeous photos to remember this once in a lifetime moment when you’re growing your baby inside of you – before you know who they are – this phase of your life that is soooo fast, yet so life changing.

After her session, Becky said “Alana just made us feel so comfortable! Everything felt so natural and not forced! Will definitely recommend her to my friends and also when my baby is born I would love to get her to take them photos too’.

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In-home Newborn Lifestyle Session | Harriet

How crazy and unexpected has this year been?! We were all booked in to do a maternity session for Kirsty and Cameron to celebrate their first pregnancy – and then Covid hit, throwing everyone’s plans out the window! Plan B worked out even better though – as we were free to meet when little Harriet had been born and was able to join us in a gorgeous newborn lifestyle session in their home!

Lifestyle sessions are so much fun! We get to just chat, relax, and go with the flow as I look out for those little moments between you to capture. The natural laughter…the little baby expressions…the closing of your eyes as you soak your baby in…the way your hands play with her finger…the way you all fit together. It might sometimes feel as if you’re staying in one spot for a long time, and you might not know if you’re doing ‘enough’. But you are. We don’t need to be moving constantly to get the most beautiful photos. You just need to be you, together, still and taking in the moment. Just breathe, relax, and let me do all of the work.

I’ll usually look for the best light during our session – and a window like the one in Kirsty’s lounge room is just perfect! But really, any window light will do. I don’t need (or usually want) overhead lights on – my focus is on working with the natural light and the natural moments between you. I’ll guide you, and direct you, and we’ll set up situations sometimes…but the emotions that come from the photos…that’s all you!

Harriet is one gorgeous little baby, and I was lucky enough to sneak in a little cuddle with her at the end! Spending time with you and your new little person is probably my favourite thing to do, because I know how special and fleeting this time is, and also how messy, emotional and complicated it can be. Sometimes, it’s by looking back on photos, that you can really enjoy it properly.

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In-home Newborn Lifestyle Session | Dustin

Amidst all of the Covid chaos, little Dustin was born. His session had to be delayed a little, but we were finally able to go ahead and capture some of these once in a lifetime moments!! Newborn lifestyle sessions are probably my favourite sessions to do. Being invited into your little bubble for awhile is always so special, and to be honest it always brings back memories of my own kids when they were babies. It makes me realise how fast it all goes, but how your memory can snap you back there in an instant! That tiny ache when you realise that you’ve said goodbye to that stage of your life, that exact little person….a stage which at times felt never ending. And sometimes you’d wish it away – because, let’s face it – some days are just hard and you don’t enjoy them!! But for the most part, they’ll always be special to you, because this is the start of it all. The start of getting to know and love your little person, and watch them grow. Photo memories help you hold onto each version of your baby just that little bit longer, and help you remember what it felt like.

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Perry’s Paddock Family Session | Oliver

I first met Oliver’s parents at Perry’s Paddock for their Maternity Session in the pouring rain! I then met Oliver the day after he was born during his Fresh 48 session at their home. Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to see them all again, as well as Oliver’s Grandparents, for a family session at Perry’s Paddock. We almost had some weather issues again, but luckily the rain held out this time! I love being able to see my families again, and couldn’t believe how much Oliver had grown. From a one day old newborn, to a sitting, smiling 7 month old baby….there are sooo many changes that happen in those first years. Changes that happen before your eyes and literally over night. Each stage can sometimes feel never ending, but it’s really not. Time passes so quickly, and brings with it so many stages, changes and phases. This is part of the reason why I love photos so much, because they freeze some of those stages in time so that you can revisit them long after they’ve passed. You can look at a photo and it can bring back all of the memories…the feelings and the emotions…and you can almost relive it again. How often do you sit and hold onto a photo, smiling as you remember what it was like when it was taken?

Dea and Chris chose to include a photo book with their collection, which is the perfect way to keep some of your favourite photos in one place so that you can look through them again and again. I’m a big believer in not only taking photos, but also in displaying them! Don’t just keep them on your computer, never to be seen again!

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Hyde Park Extended Family Session | Harrison

I first met Harrison and his parents and grandparents during his Newborn Lifestyle Session back in October last year. While his other grandparents were visiting, his parents chose to celebrate them all being together by organising an extended family session at the gorgeous Hyde Park. Despite some weather issues, and the emerging issues with Covid, we managed to meet up and capture some beautiful moments for Harrison with those who love him the most. As with any session with young children, it all revolves around them and their needs. When Harrison needed some cuddles from mum, we’d stop and let him have them. When he needed a feed, we gave him one. When he fell asleep, we let him be. I think he did pretty perfectly!!

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Perry’s Paddock Maternity Session | Emily

Emily and Hayden were due to have their first baby boy, and wanted to include their 3 dogs (fur babies!) in their maternity session. I’m always more than happy to do this, and Perry’s Paddock is a perfect location to do so! I love Perry’s Paddock for its open fields, the trees, the gorgeous white house, the magical sunsets and the opportunity for those beautiful silhouette images. This is the perfect place to take some time to capture this once in a lifetime moment – a time before your baby is born, and your body is going through all of those crazy changes. it’s a time you’ll look back on and remember – a time before you knew who this little person was, and before you’d held him in your arms. So much anticipation, mixed in with some nerves and excitement. Don’t let this time pass without celebrating how beautiful you are as you carry your baby in your belly!!

Emily said that during her session she felt ‘very comfortable’ and said that my shooting style was “Very casual in the sense that you don’t make people feel like they’re on show. You capture people’s real expressions and feelings in a photo rather than the shell on the outside that most posed photos do in my opinion”. She described the photos she received as “Unmasked; authentic, charismatic”. Mission accomplished!!

Emily says: “Alana’s work is absolutely incredible, not only does it show in her photographs but she has this ability to make you feel completely comfortable and at ease no matter how silly you think you look. She’s very easy to talk to and makes sure you understand her intent behind the images and uses her experience to get you the best possible results. Her images portray in my opinion a real authenticness in the subject she’s photographing, there’s no perfect ‘posing’ you simply be yourself-with a bit of silly- and she manages to capture a side of you that you may never have seen of yourself before. My partner and i were blown away by our photographs. 10/10 ”

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Cleaver Street Event Space | Sara and Shay’s Wedding Celebration


Sara and Shay met in high school, and although Sara knew that Shay was “the one”, it took him a little longer to catch up! But catch up he did, and recently they celebrated a small, intimate wedding with their immediate family. A few days later they planned a party with the rest of their friends and family to celebrate their marriage, and they asked me to capture it for them. Sara said that she had chosen me to photograph this special time in their life because “Your photos stood out to us because we want to capture the candid moments of our party, where our guests are being themselves.”

During an event I spend my time moving around and looking out for those special moments to capture – those moments that tell the story of your day and of the people who are there with you. The natural laughing moments, the details of the food and the decor of the room and the interaction between you and your guests. We can also take the opportunity to take some particular combinations of people in a more posed setting, but for the most part, my style remains casual and very much ‘fly on the wall’. My events package includes all edited images, plus a gorgeous slideshow set to music when booking two or more hours, which is the perfect way to share your memories with friends and family!

Sara and Shay’s party was so much fun to be a part of – there was a lot of love, laughter and lightness with a great atmosphere. Not to mention Shay and Sara looked absolutely stunning!! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day!

Sara said “We chose Alana to photograph our party because we thought her photos matched what we were looking for – natural, candid photos capturing special moments between us and our guests.Little did we know that the decision we’d made to ask Alana to help us out was going to be the best decision we were going to make for our party. Alana was so kind and friendly and interested in us and our family members. She made everyone feel comfortable (how lovely Alana was was a very common compliment from our guests!) and the result was amazing photos of all our family and friends. People talking to each other, laughing, having a drink, hugging each other, our nearest and dearest being themselves. I couldn’t be more grateful for those photos, true representations of such special moments. And then, to top it all off, the photos and video were completed within a week! The first time I saw the video I was a blubbering mess! I was just so THRILLED with what I had received.We can’t thank Alana enough, I would recommend her for any occasion that she is available for. I will certainly not forget to be in touch with her for any future opportunities I might like to have photos done. If you are looking for a photographer, your search should end with Alana, you absolutely will not be disappointed.”

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In-home Perth Newborn Lifestyle Session | Banjo

Let’s face it, life with a new baby can be stressful, chaotic and emotional. Add to that a toddler, and the thought of having to organise to pack everyone up and organise photos to be taken can just seem like an impossible task. You have to think about different sleep patterns, alllll of the things you need to pack, as well as your own exhaustion and sleep deprivation. This can sometimes mean that you miss out on capturing this truly special, and fleeting, time in your life! Before you know it, you blink and your newborn isn’t quite so ‘newborn’ anymore, and you realise that you’ve missed your opportunity to freeze some of that newborn goodness in time!! This is one of the reasons why newborn lifestyle sessions are so amazing, and PERFECT for new parents! They’re captured in your own home, so you don’t need to go anywhere. I come to you, and we work around your kids sleep needs and their moods. There’s no pressure for anyone to ‘perform’ or ‘behave’ – these sessions are so incredibly ‘go with the flow’ that they allow us to capture some truly raw, beautiful moments between you and your family.

Recently I met with Banjo and his family, including his doting big brother Alby who just loved showering him in kisses! When you have a toddler, we take advantage of the moments when they’re in the mood to be involved, and then when they inevitably get a little over it, we let them run off and play with dad, have a snack, or take their clothes off if that’s what they feel they need to do! There are no rules and no expectations! Relax into it, and inevitably your toddler will too. Leanne said “I was grateful that you were relaxed in your approach and happy to work around us, particularly given we’d been up all night with the baby and our 3 year old was tearing around the house during the session. He brought out the superheroes and stripped off his clothes, yet you never broke a sweat!”

If you’re considering a newborn session, but you’re not sure what it involves, feel free to ask me any questions! Leanne provided me with this feedback after her session: “We’re so pleased we had a newborn lifestyle session rather than any other type of photo session. We had a lot going on bringing our second baby home over the crazy Christmas period, so it was a relief that you were so relaxed about how the session ran yet the outcome was a set of very professional photos. I am also impressed that you managed to shoot around the mess in our home, and just follow our movements – all of the photos made the environment look so bright and clean, and we love the photos we got of Banjo as well as capturing how much his big brother adores him.”

You can learn more about newborn lifestyle sessions, and view my Lifestyle Newborn Portfolio for more examples of what you can expect. Feel free to Contact me with any questions or to book in a session!



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