“Embrace the chaos” is something I truly believe in, and this is definitely something I want you to keep in mind during your newborn lifestyle session, especially when you have other kids! Don’t worry if your kids don’t ‘behave’ – these sessions are truly about going with the flow of life! I have 4 kids so I totally get the noise and chaos that comes with a busy house….the absolute best thing to do is just to go with it. If your kids need a break, give them one…if they don’t want to be in a photo, don’t force them…I know we can want things to turn out ‘perfectly’, but to me there is perfection in the natural chaos of life. As crazy as it is, we’ll miss it all when they grow!

No matter how chaotic it might feel, I can guarantee we’ll still get some beautiful images just like these. Remember, photos don’t have sound!

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