Newborn Lifestyle – Scarlett


Scarlett was born during Covid, which meant that her Daddy didn’t even get to meet for the first few weeks of her life, as he was stuck interstate. I was there to capture him meeting her for the first time at the Airport, and then met with them again a few weeks later to capture a lifestyle session in their home. Lifestyle sessions are totally relaxed, totally go with the flow, and totally authentic memories. It’s you on the couch with your baby…it’s feeding your baby and cuddling them…it’s your baby sleeping, crying, smiling….however they are in the moment. There are no props, no formal poses…just the beautiful authenticity of you and your baby. Simple, real life and intimate.

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Cleaver Street Event Space | Sara and Shay’s Wedding Celebration


Sara and Shay met in high school, and although Sara knew that Shay was “the one”, it took him a little longer to catch up! But catch up he did, and recently they celebrated a small, intimate wedding with their immediate family. A few days later they planned a party with the rest of their friends and family to celebrate their marriage, and they asked me to capture it for them. Sara said that she had chosen me to photograph this special time in their life because “Your photos stood out to us because we want to capture the candid moments of our party, where our guests are being themselves.”

During an event I spend my time moving around and looking out for those special moments to capture – those moments that tell the story of your day and of the people who are there with you. The natural laughing moments, the details of the food and the decor of the room and the interaction between you and your guests. We can also take the opportunity to take some particular combinations of people in a more posed setting, but for the most part, my style remains casual and very much ‘fly on the wall’. My events package includes all edited images, plus a gorgeous slideshow set to music when booking two or more hours, which is the perfect way to share your memories with friends and family!

Sara and Shay’s party was so much fun to be a part of – there was a lot of love, laughter and lightness with a great atmosphere. Not to mention Shay and Sara looked absolutely stunning!! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day!

Sara said “We chose Alana to photograph our party because we thought her photos matched what we were looking for – natural, candid photos capturing special moments between us and our guests.Little did we know that the decision we’d made to ask Alana to help us out was going to be the best decision we were going to make for our party. Alana was so kind and friendly and interested in us and our family members. She made everyone feel comfortable (how lovely Alana was was a very common compliment from our guests!) and the result was amazing photos of all our family and friends. People talking to each other, laughing, having a drink, hugging each other, our nearest and dearest being themselves. I couldn’t be more grateful for those photos, true representations of such special moments. And then, to top it all off, the photos and video were completed within a week! The first time I saw the video I was a blubbering mess! I was just so THRILLED with what I had received.We can’t thank Alana enough, I would recommend her for any occasion that she is available for. I will certainly not forget to be in touch with her for any future opportunities I might like to have photos done. If you are looking for a photographer, your search should end with Alana, you absolutely will not be disappointed.”

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Macedonian Orthodox Church Baptism | Ethan’s Baptism and First Birthday


When your little one has a special event like their Christening or birthday party (or in this case, both at the same time!), you have so much to organise as a parent. You want to be able to enjoy the day and focus on your special guests and your little one, so getting the day captured means that you’re able to do that! Before the day I always send out a quick questionnaire just to find out what you really want to be captured. Usually we make sure to capture you and your little one in some more formal type photos with special guests, and then the rest of the time I simply just capture what’s actually going on. The real life moments, reactions and details of the special day – the ones that really tell the story! You then receive ALL of your edited images AND a beautiful slideshow to look back and remember your day!

Ethan was celebrating not only his Christening, but also his first birthday! Despite not having had his normal sleep in the morning, he was absolutely perfect throughout the entire day! We started capturing moments at home while he was getting ready, and then this gorgeous little boy fell asleep in the car on the way to the Church. He slept through most of the ceremony, but then woke happily and calmly when it was time to get changed. It can always be stressful wondering how they’ll cope during these events, but Ethan was a total superstar! And now his family have these beautiful memories to look back on forever!!

If you’d like me to capture some memories for you too, Contact me here to chat. You can also view my Events Portfolio for more examples of my work. I have a very relaxed, ‘fly on the wall’ type approach to capturing events, as I really want to capture moments as they truly happen. As always, I want to tell your authentic story!



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First Birthday Party | Sienna


Last year I was there for Sienna’s Baptism, and this year I was also there for her first birthday! Meeting with clients again is always super special, because through taking your photos and spending time with you, you all become way more than simply a client! I love watching your kids grow and hearing news of events in your life, and I feel extremely lucky to have been there for two of Sienna’s special events. Her first birthday party was BEAUTIFUL! The cake was absolutely stunning, and they’d also had some gorgeous biscuits made by a friend who I think could easily sell these to other people! They had a photo memory board (I always love those!) and a wall of donuts (it took all of my will power not to eat one!), and some absolutely delicious looking food! Sienna’s dad owns a pizza shop so he made some amaaazing pizzas, and I have to admit that editing all of these photos made me hungry!! They also had face painting (check out the gorgeous dog face paint and butterfly in the gallery), and a whole lot of people there to celebrate gorgeous Sienna’s first birthday.

It can always be a little overwhelming for kids when it’s their party and suddenly there’s a crowd of people in their home giving them all this attention. Sienna felt the safest being held by her Mummy, but she did so well throughout the day, and I loved watching how her personality has grown since I saw her last. They really do change so much in that first year – it’s so cliche, but so true!! Her big sister was also gorgeous in her white dress, and capturing the joy she had when playing with her cousins was just beautiful. I absolutely loved being a part of Sienna’s birthday party, I think she had an amazing day and that her parents definitely earned a big rest afterwards!! Birthday parties are EXHAUSTING!!

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