Recently I captured some memories for Sienna’s Baptism. I really enjoy capturing events, as a lot of it simply involves watching and capturing what is naturally happening which results in some very real and honest images. I also love it because these are the times in your life where you look back and remember – and I love being able to give you some images to help you relive it all. Sienna won’t remember her day – and yet she’ll be able to experience it through these images, just as her family will be able to as well. They’ll remember what life was like at the time she was baptised, and will be able to see all of the people who are important to them. This is also why I provide a slideshow of images for those who book me to capture their Events. I feel that it’s a beautiful way to be able to relive the day, and is yours to keep forever.

We were so lucky with the weather for Sienna’s baptism as they had predicted rain and storms, and the day before had not been very pleasant. The day of her Baptism though was just perfect! I met Sienna and her family at their home so we could capture the details of her getting ready – being dressed by her Godparents (who were a little nervous at the prospect!), adorned in her gorgeous jewellrey, her big sister Amelia running around (and occasionally picking her nose!), and of course some of the more traditional images with the important people in her life. Sienna became a little tired, but these images to me are just as beautiful. She needed her dummy, she needed cuddles from Mummy – and this is real life! Luckily for Sienna (and everyone!) the church was a bit of a drive away so she was able to get some sleep in the car on the way there.

Arriving at the church, I couldn’t help but think about how beautiful it was! Before entering, I captured the images of people greeting each other and of the crowd of people who had assembled to celebrate Sienna’s special day. The Priest was hilarious! He certainly made the Baptism such an enjoyable experience, and he even beckoned me up to stand next to him at one point so that I could capture the way Sienna was intently watching him and listening to his every word. She did amazingly well throughout the whole ceremony – a little superstar! Afterwards we used the beautiful archway to capture some more posed images with the groups of people who had come to celebrate her day.

Following the church, it was time to celebrate for lunch! They had decorated the restaurant so beautifully, and I wanted to capture all of these details, including the gorgeous cake!! How beautiful was the cake!! The atmosphere was truly beautiful throughout the whole day, and Sienna was so perfect throughout it all. When I left, she was quietly fighting sleep in her pram – but I was told afterwards that she did end up going to sleep. Yay! I feel lucky to have been able to capture such a beautiful day with such a beautiful family. I know that Sienna is so loved by her parents and her big sister, and also by her Godparents who fulfilled all of their duties (including dressing their first baby!), and provided so much support to Amelia as well.

If you’d like me to capture your event, contact me. I’d love to help you remember your special day!