Fresh 48 SJOG Mt Lawley | Lacey

Just the day before, I’d captured The Birth of Lacey. One year earlier, I’d captured The Birth of Chloe. On this day I captured the two of them meeting for the very first time. Neither of them will remember this day, with Chloe only having just turned one, and Lacey only just being born. But this moment is forever captured, forever frozen, forever theirs to look back on. The day that your kids meet their new sibling is always such a special one, and including that in a Fresh 48 is perfect. It means you can sit back and just be in the moment, without having to worry about taking your own photo memories. You can fully be present as your older child spontaneously leans over to kiss their new baby, and you can also be fully aware when that very same child decides that she may have had enough of her new baby sister! These are special and beautiful memories, and are ones you can never repeat. They’ll only meet each other for the first time ONCE, so why not capture it? It was such a pleasure to watch this beautiful family grow, and to be there for some pretty special moments. I always feel so lucky to be let into my families worlds.

A Fresh 48 session is one that’s captured anytime in the first 48 hours after your baby’s birth. It means that I’m on call for you, and that I visit you at the hospital when your baby is fresh and new. You don’t realise how much they’ll change in hours, let alone in days and weeks, and months. The change is rapid and constant, and you often don’t notice until they outgrow an outfit, or until you look back on a photo taken only last week. Capture them while they’re this fresh, this new. Freeze it all in time so that you can always soak them in!

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