June 28th 2018 will always be a day I remember. On this day I was lucky enough to be able to witness and capture the birth of the beautiful Chloe. I had met her parents at The Wanneroo Pines a few weeks earlier to celebrate their pregnancy – view Charlotte’s Maternity Session, and they asked me if I would consider being their Birth Photographer. I absolutely love birth – I think it’s the most beautiful and precious moment, and that moment when your baby is placed on your chest is just so addictive (perhaps why I have 4 kids of my own!), so it didn’t take me long to say a big YES!! I had a birth photographer for my last baby, and I treasure those memories so much. I was so glad to be able to provide those memories for someone else.

The day was long, and yet the time flew (for me at least!). There was an amazing amount of love in the room – Dylan was so attentive and supportive of Charlotte, and Charlotte was so strong and beautiful throughout it all (despite some challenges she had to face throughout the day). Throughout it all, I captured their tender moments; her pained yet beautiful face; the moments of laughter in between. The time for Chloe’s birth came suddenly in the end and took us all by surprise (progress had been slow, until the last hour).

The moment Chloe was born was one I’ll never forget. She was lifted onto her Mummy’s chest, and all the pain was forgotten. Only love and joy remained. And tears Lots of tears. Even from me. I’m surprised I managed to capture some images through my blurry eyes. Throughout the day, Charlotte and Dylan had been loving the sound of other newborns crying, and now they were able to hear their own baby cry. I’m so honoured to have been present for their birth story. Thank you Charlotte and Dylan, and welcome to the world Chloe.

I offer a small number of Birth Sessions throughout the year. If you’re interested in capturing this beautiful time, Contact Me and we can discuss further. If you’d like to view more images, look at my Birth Portfolio