Hyde Park Family Session – Sanchez Family

There’s nothing I love more than meeting up with my families again, and I’ve had the pleasure of catching up with this gorgeous bunch since Adriana was pregnant with Felix during their maternity session at The Pines. Next I was able to meet the gorgeous Felix during their newborn lifestyle session which are undoubtedly my favourite sessions to capture! And more recently (although I’m massively behind with blogs!), I met with them at Hyde Park for their family session. This beautiful family come into their session relaxed, willing to have fun and connect with each other, which makes for the most beautiful and natural images to be captured! During all of my sessions I want you to connect with each other, and not be focused on looking at the camera. That’s just my style – always looking for the authentic expressions of connection between you!

Hyde Park is one of those locations that is still beautiful outside of golden hour, but of course that magical period where the sun is setting always always always results in the most magical light!

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Burns Beach Family Session – The May Family

Amy is my very good friend from my son’s mothers group, who also runs Amy Lee Photography. She’s been taking the time to get family photos from me for a number of years! You can look over past sessions with her, including at The Pines WannerooAmy’s maternity session at Perry’s Paddock, and their extended family session. We met at Burns Beach for their first session with their newest addition, the beautiful Delilah. Amy also had a gorgeous idea of wanting some naked pics of Delilah, which we got towards the very end. It got a little chilly, so they also brought a blanket, which in my opinion also creates beautiful texture and mood in your memories!

As usual, my sessions go with the flow according to the kids moods and their own personalities. It’s letting them have fun, be free, and let themselves shine!

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Perry’s Paddock Family Session – Grace, Jayden and Mason

Perry’s Paddock is my favourite place to shoot at, no doubt! It’s perfect during golden hour, overcast days, and even in the rain! This session was made even better by being able to catch up with this beautiful, strong mama and her two boys again, a year after their last session at The Pines in Wanneroo. Making that time to get regular photos of you and those you love…photos that include YOU in them…is so important! These boys will have so many memories to look back on of their mum. Memories that don’t show them stiffly smiling at the camera, but memories with feeling. Memories of their hugs, their kisses, the games and fun…the moments captured of their natural interaction and connection. Play with your kids…run with them…cuddle them…let your natural energy and emotions shine through. My sessions aren’t for making kids sit still and smiling for the camera. They’re about capturing authenticity and connection, the real life love between you!

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The Pines Family Session – The White Family

I first met this beautiful family during the birth of their gorgeous baby Aaron. I remember during their whole birth story, I was so taken by the beautiful energy and smile of Chantel, and I felt the exact same as I met them for their family session at The Pines in Wanneroo! Such a beautiful contagious energy, and a fun loving family! Family sessions are all about relaxing together, going with the flow (i.e. the moods of children!), and just having fun! Pick your kids up…spin them around…tickle them…kiss them.. play games…and don’t stress when they need a bit of a time out. Just go with it, and let me capture your family as you are – the natural, real life moments!

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The Pines Maternity Session | Becky

Becky and Ryan were expecting their first baby boy, and their session was a gift from their sister in law. We met at the beautiful Pines, on a day where the weather couldn’t quite decide what it wanted to do! The Pines is a stunning location, but is always that extra bit magical when the golden sunset comes out to play – and luckily it did just that for us! All my sessions are booked during the golden hour around sunset, for that perfect glow!

Becky and Ryan included their gorgeous dog Kaia in their session, as she is such a big part of their family. To keep Kaia behaving throughout the session, they brought along their sister in law to walk her around when she wasn’t needed for the photos, and little treats to keep her engaged. Kaia was an absolute star, and I’m so glad she was included!

Sometimes I come away from photographing people and I feel so uplifted from the energy that’s come from them – and this was one of those uplifting experiences. They were fun, relaxed, connected, and I could literally feel the love for each other through all the photos I was taking. Their little boy is one lucky little guy!

I’m always so happy when people choose to take the time for a maternity session – it’s one thing I never did for any of my pregnancies, and is something I’ll always regret. Being pregnant might be uncomfortable at times, and it’s certainly not all magical moments, but it’s still one of the most life changing and special times in your life. It’s soooo worth capturing in beautiful ways – not just with phone selfies, or those tummy shots up against the wall. Get some truly gorgeous photos to remember this once in a lifetime moment when you’re growing your baby inside of you – before you know who they are – this phase of your life that is soooo fast, yet so life changing.

After her session, Becky said “Alana just made us feel so comfortable! Everything felt so natural and not forced! Will definitely recommend her to my friends and also when my baby is born I would love to get her to take them photos too’.

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The Pines Family Session | Grace, Jayden and Mason

I’d met Grace  earlier in the year for another photo session, so I was excited to see her again and to meet her two beautiful boys! Life with boys is chaotic, noisy and unpredictable – but there is also definitely lots of love, laughter and affection. As always, there’s beauty in chaos when you let yourself see it!!

During sessions with kids, it really all revolves around them! If they’re not in the mood for something, there’s no point in forcing them. It’ll only end in tears and frustration – and who wants that as a photo memory? Instead, just let them be a bit! Let them play and explore, and usually once they know they have this freedom, they come running to you for those cuddles we wanted them to give in the first place! So enjoy this time with your babies! Play with them, bond with them and watch them – use a photo session as a small breather on the demands of ‘life’. When you’re here, you just need to be together. Nothing else.

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The Pines Maternity Session | Adriana

Having met around 10 years ago over wee and poo (ha ha sorry guys but that’s the way you described it to me!), Adriana and Josh are about to welcome their second son (or ‘baby frog’ as their almost three year old Elias calls him!). Interestingly, their baby has the same due date as Elias’s third birthday, and even more interestingly, Josh shares a birthday with TWO of his brothers! It seems like this is a bit of a family tradition – I wonder whether this little one will keep it up! I’m super excited, because I’ll also be capturing this family during their Lifestyle Newborn session, so I’ll be able to meet their gorgeous new addition!

We planned a last minute session down at The Pines, and crossed our fingers that the weather would be kind to us! As Adriana is close to her due date, we decided that a back up plan would be to capture her session in their home so that she wouldn’t miss out. Thankfully, it was a beautiful day and we were able to go to The Pines as planned.

It was obvious pretty quickly that Elias is a little bit of a Daddy’s boy (except when he was sick the week before and only wanted Mummy!). It was a challenge to get him to sit or be held by his mum, but the absolute best thing to do in those situations is to not push them or force them to do anything. During sessions with toddlers, it all pretty much revolves around them and what they’re willing (or not willing!) to do. Don’t stress about it, don’t push them or get frustrated, and I can almost guarantee that at some point, in their own time, they’ll do exactly what you want them to do. And that’s exactly what happened. Elias suddenly reached up for his Mum and was happy to be held, and we just grabbed onto that moment! Let it all naturally unfold, and magic will happen!

And of course, as with all sessions including kids, we have lots of fun flipping upside down, tickling, flying in the sky, and anything else that keeps them happy and entertained (and has the added bonus of letting me capture those gorgeous authentic connections!).

I loved spending time with this family, and really look forward to hearing the news of the birth of their new little boy. I can’t wait to meet him! If you’d like to capture some memories for yourself, Contact me and we can chat about the type of session you’d love. You can also view my Maternity Portfolio and Lifestyle Newborn Portfolio, and learn more about Newborn Lifestyle sessions here.



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The Pines Family Session | The Northcott Family

I love seeing my families again, so I was super excited to meet with Kimberley and her gorgeous tribe for a family session during golden hour at The Pines recently. I last met with Kimberley almost a year ago to capture her Newborn Lifestyle Session with her daughter Iris and her two boys Eli and Ollie. I see them on my screen often, as I don’t just share recent work with everyone, but also my past work. This is because I put my heart and soul into every session, and every family becomes a little part of me. I love hearing about you afterwards and seeing photos of your kids growing up. This isn’t just a job to me, this is a passion!

It’s always a little bittersweet to see the changes in your kids, and it really reminds me just how fast time goes, and why I’m so passionate about freezing some moments in time. I often wish I could go back in time and revisit my kids at different ages, just for a day. I want to hold them and cuddle them and just spend the time appreciating them without the chaos of daily life that sometimes takes that enjoyment and appreciation away a little. Although I can’t do that, a photo is a way to revisit the way they looked, to remember what your life was like at that point in time, and to remember all those little details and moments you thought you’d remember but had somewhat forgotten. I love being able to give that to my families as well.

In the year since I saw her last, Iris had grown so much. She was walking, she had a mind of her own (which is great when you have two older brothers!), and she was still as attached to her Mumma as ever. Her brothers were just as gorgeous and fun as I remembered, and spent time playing with sticks, flying with Dad and being naturally affectionate with each other. I know photo sessions can feel a little stressful when you have kids, but they don’t have to be! Just go with the flow, let the kids have breaks and don’t expect too much of them, and it can actually be a lot of fun! It’s the moments of fun that I love to capture, and this family was full of fun!

Fun isn’t just for the kids either! I always try to get some photos with just mum and dad and I want you to have fun with that too! So we dance, we do things that might feel a little silly, and then Dad comes along and just spontaneously lifts his wife onto his waist, and I just stand back and capture the perfection that’s happening in front of me! Thank you beautiful Northcott family, for trusting me to capture some memories for you again.

If you’d like me to freeze some moments in time for you as well, Contact me here. You can also view my Family Portfolio for more examples of my work. I’d love to chat with you and capture some fun, relaxed, real and raw memories for you! Check out how much Iris and her brothers have changed in Iris’s Newborn Lifestyle Session.




The Pines Maternity Session | Vanessa

Not only did I get to meet Vanessa and her family during her Maternity session at The Pines recently, but in a few weeks I’m also going to be there to capture their Newborn Lifestyle Session!! Capturing more than one part of your story is something I love being asked to do, and because of that I give a little discount on each of your additional sessions. Each part of your story is so important – having a baby whether it’s your first, second, fifth, or last – is the biggest moment of your life and it totally deserves to be captured!!

I myself never got maternity photos with any of my four pregnancies. I have NO idea why and it’s something I really regret. Sure I took photos at home, and those weekly bump photos, but I was usually in my pj’s standing up against the wall at night time. Although I’m so glad I have those at least, I’m really sad that I never took the time to let someone else take some proper ones for me. Having a maternity session allows you to celebrate your pregnancy, to include your partner and other kids if you choose, and to have those memories to look back on of this extremely emotional, extremely fleeting time. It’s the absolute start of it all!

I met Vanessa and her family at the gorgeous Pines in Wanneroo during golden hour, which is the only time I really like to schedule my sessions. I mean, check out that LIGHT!!! Vanessa wanted to capture her pregnancy as she didn’t have a lot of photos from her first pregnancy, and this one is likely to be her last (but you never know, right?!). Vanessa knows that she’ll be having another boy, a little brother to her 2 year old Paddy, and I wanted to make sure that I took some images of just her and Paddy together. It’s an emotional time when you go from one child to two – I actually cried leading up to the birth of each of my babies! Not because you’re not happy, but just because it changes things and that can be a little scary. Your baby won’t be your only baby anymore, and that is a little bittersweet. You’re excited to see them interact with their sibling, but also sad that life will change a little for all of you. Paddy was so affectionate with his mum – he couldn’t stop kissing her face and rubbing noses with her, and I’m glad I captured this for them.

It’s also important to get some photos as a couple, and it’s not ALL about the bump. It’s also just about your connection, your excitement, your relationship at this point in your lives. I made Vanessa and Ryan do a little dance together, as I often do during my sessions! I made it clear that I wouldn’t judge as I’m NOT a dancer, and they had fun with it! Having that little moment to dance together and feel a little silly is a special bonding moment, and it usually brings out the most sincere emotions. As well as dancing, we had some tickling and flying with Paddy, pine cone searches, outfit changes, and lots of kisses for Mummy’s baby bump. Congratulations to Vanessa and her boys – I can’t WAIT to come and see you all again for your newborn session and I especially can’t wait to see your gorgeous baby!!

This is what Vanessa had to say about her session “We had Alana take some family maternity photos for us and she was brilliant. I was worried our 2.5 year old would be shy but Alana was great at getting down to his level, and he warmed up to her very quickly. He ended up having an absolute ball and the photos reflect that. She managed to capture some beautiful photos of us all, she is really talented! Thank you Alana!”

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The Pines Family Session | The Crosby Family

Sonia and Andrew had decided that they didn’t want to get newborn photos of their little boy Easton, but that they wanted to get some taken as a family now that he was a few months old. The day before our first planned shoot, Sonia’s husband came home with a sunburnt face – oops!! We decided to reschedule their session so that his face would be a little less red in the photos!! We met a few weeks later at The Pines in Wanneroo, and although the sun was hiding from us that day, we still captured some beautiful images of this gorgeous family.

One particular thing I noticed was the beautiful affection both Sonia and Andrew have for their boys. Effortless kisses and face strokes, and real un-posed connection. These are the moments I love capturing the most – the cuddles you give your little boy and the way he gives you nose kisses back, the fun moments of dancing and flying and rides on Daddy’s shoulders, and all the little moments that make your family your own. Sonia also wanted me to capture the little swirly bald patch on Easton’s head – that little symbol of babyhood! As with all photo sessions, my aim is to give my families a fun and relaxed experience so that these natural little moments and connections can be captured. These are the moments I value the most and that I love to share with my families.

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The Pines Wanneroo Couples Session | Josh and Grace

Usually it’s the mum or female partner who contacts me to arrange a shoot, but after a little hinting from Grace, Josh was the one to organise a session! I know that often guys don’t look forward to photo shoots, so it’s extra impressive when someone not only agrees to go along to one, but also actively participates in arranging it! Josh and Grace arrived during the Golden Hour at The Pines in Wanneroo for their couples session amidst a ‘glitter explosion’ in the car – resulting in them being extra sparkly for their photos!

Meeting at good old Maccas 4 years ago, Grace and Josh now have two very young and very cheeky little boys who like to make a mess in the kitchen most mornings – budding chefs perhaps? On top of that Josh works FIFO and Grace studies a double degree at Uni, so their hands are very full. This makes it even more special that they took the time out to have a shoot together to celebrate their relationship – just the two of them, where it all began. I know it can be so hard to be in front of the camera, but these two did so well at having fun together and showing their connection. The end result is some gorgeous images to look back on forever and remember this time in their life. They’ll also be receiving a beautiful photo book to keep those memories safe and all together – there for them to have a trip down memory lane whenever they choose, and something for their boys to look back on and remember their parents as who they are now.

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The Pines Wanneroo Family Session|The Docherty Family

Angela organised a voucher for an extended family photo shoot for her mother and father in law who were staying with her over the Christmas period, and she also wanted to include her brother-in-law and his girlfriend. Over this festive season I’ve done quite a few extended family sessions, and it always feels special knowing that people are all together with their loved ones – often for the first time in years – and that they’ll always have these beautiful memories to look back on and remember once they have to be separated again. Extended family sessions are just as good for family living at home. Often we think about our immediate family – but how much time do you spend with your siblings, your cousins and your parents? It’s really special to think about those people you love, and to spend an hour capturing some images together. These are the memories you can look back on forever!

We went to the Pines during golden hour for their session – which is the hour just before sunset. I always love those 15 minutes after the sun has set as well, so I usually schedule sessions to allow us to take advantage of that gorgeous magical light. The Pines is a beautiful place to shoot – we’re really so lucky in Perth to have some gorgeous locations, and I’m super lucky to have this one just down the road from me. The last couple of times I’ve been to The Pines, I’ve seen some kangaroos – during this session we counted 3 kangaroos who were quite close and watching us!

I usually start my sessions with the big group shots, and I always tell my families that I don’t expect them to always be looking at the camera and smiling. In fact – I encourage them not to!! I personally hate being in front of the camera – I find it really awkward and I’m totally aware that it can feel quite strange to have someone pointing a camera towards you! I always tell my families that if they’re not sure what to do, to just look at someone (not me!), tickle someone, cuddle someone or touch someone. And I always want people to be close!! Being close to each other allows you to naturally start feeling comfortable, and to start expressing your natural connections with each other. This is also why I like to get some images of each couple together as well. I often just ask them to get nice and close, to think about when they met, to dance together or hug each other tight. I really want people to have a moment with the person next to them where they can block out all of the ‘noise’ of life, and just BE together. Without fail, couples relax into each other and their natural connection shines through.

I loved capturing these two brothers together. It absolutely fills my heart when I see siblings who are so close and who actually LIKE each other. I grew up without siblings, and so the relationship between them always fascinates me as well as makes me so happy. Dylan and Brandon were naturally so affectionate and comfortable with each other that I was able to capture so many images of them that I absolutely love. I mentioned to Brandon that he was lucky to have a big brother like Dylan, and Dylan replied ‘And I’m lucky to have a little brother like him!’…how can you not melt when brothers say such beautiful things about each other?!! Speaking of brothers, Angela’s brother in law had come over to live in Australia so that he could be closer to his own brother. They now live in the same suburb (hopefully for many years to come once all the Visa gets sorted!), and he and his girlfriend get to spend time with their nephews.

I was so happy to capture this beautiful extended family session. Life is about family, it truly is. There is nothing more important, and I love being able to give people some time to really think about those they love and to spend some time being close to them.

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Golden Hour Family Session at The Pines Wanneroo|The Lockwood Family

Stacey is from my youngest son’s mothers group. It’s a mothers group I’ve unfortunately not had much time to be able to catch up with due to the chaos of 4 kids and running my own business, but I was so happy when she contacted me to arrange an extended family session to celebrate her mum’s birthday along with her sister and her family. We met at The Pines in the evening in the hour before sunset. This is always the best time for photos due to the gorgeous golden light – but is not always the best time for young kids – especially during warmer months when the sun sets that bit later. Despite this, the kids did amazingly! There were a few grumpy moments – but that is completely to be expected with young children, and is something that I don’t want people to worry about. During those moments, we just go with the flow and let the little one have a break for awhile, or let them have a cuddle with mum or dad (often these are the most beautiful images of the lot!). My sessions are never focused on everyone being still and just smiling at the camera, so I love to embrace a little chaos and just go with the flow. Whenever there’s a moment where the kids are happy and cooperating, we just take advantage of it and run with it. When they need a break, we focus on the adults for awhile. And if all else fails – we pull out the bribes!! There may have been a run back to the car for some food bribes towards the end of the session!!

Little Lucy is 6 years old and not only loved being in front of the camera (she can be my model any day!) but also loved being BEHIND the camera, and was so helpful in taking some images for me herself. I think she did an amazing job and I couldn’t have done the session without her! Lucy was a cuddly little monkey with her Mummy and I absolutely love those images – these cuddles are so precious and are beautiful memories to hold onto. Connor had a few little wardrobe malfunctions with his pants falling down and I made sure to grab a couple of images of that as well! They all did so well and I really love the images we were able to capture together. These are real life moments and real life memories. As always, I feel privileged to be a part of it.

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The Pines Wanneroo Cousin Family Session

The Nanna of these gorgeous cousins won a voucher for a photo shoot in a charity event and so she chose to have photos taken of her grandchildren which I thought was a beautiful idea! We met at The Pines on an evening where the weather could go either way – but luckily for us the rain stayed away! These cousins are so close in age (except for one – can you guess who?!) – and were So.Much.Fun!! They have such an amazing relationship and so they were extremely comfortable with each other. They ran, they jumped, they danced, they played in the tee pees, they picked flowers (and threw them on Scott’s head!),  they told secrets (mostly about stealing goodies from poor Grandad!), they plotted sleepover requests, and made love hearts with their hands. The only rule I have in sessions is to try to be as close to each other as possible – and it was so easy with this group as they obviously have such a fun relationship. I think it’s so beautiful that they’ll now have memories of this forever – their bond has been forever captured and preserved.

Sometimes when you think about having a photo shoot, you just think of your own family, but what an amazing idea to celebrate the cousin bond in a photo shoot just for them! Just as time passes for our own family, it also passes with our extended family. Having those memories of the fun and laughter as they were growing up together is so special. You can remember what they were all like together at that age – the dance they used to do together, the way they used to immerse themselves in games of imagination and share little secrets, and just simply who they were at that point in time. Their relationships will evolve as they grow, but they will always have these beautiful memories – and that’s what I love about photography!

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The Pines Wanneroo Family Session | The DiTommaso and Tench Family

Sarah booked in her session with me many months ago, as she wanted to give some images to her partner Josh for Fathers Day. She surprised Josh on the day with the photo session – and luckily he was happy with her plans! During the session, it’s common that the mood of the kids plays a role in dictating the flow. We had lots of fun during the session with bubbles, shoulder rides, peekaboo games, and cuddles. Little Lachie also had a ball playing with sticks and the dirt – claiming that he was ‘very busy’. My favourite parts of a session are capturing those natural moments – the times when your little one comes running up to you for a cuddle, and the look on your face as they tell you that they love you (as Lachie did quite a few times – super cute!). As with all of my sessions, I made sure that I captured some images of Sarah and Josh together as well. I think it’s so important to get some memories together of just the two of you, and to celebrate your bond together. So often it’s easy to just focus on the kids – but your relationship is where it all began! I had so much fun capturing these images for this beautiful family!

If you’d like to view more family sessions, you can view my Family Portfolio. If you’d like to book a session for yourself, or as a gift to someone else, Contact Me.