Amy and I met each other in mothers group when her son Chase and my son Louie were only 6 weeks old. Chase and Louie have become great friends, and so have Amy and I. Now our youngest two babies are only a few months apart as well. Amy is also a photographer at Amy Lee Photography, and she has given me some gorgeous memories of my youngest two over the years, so I was more than happy to be able to return the favour and provide her with some memories as well. We met for the photo shoot at The Pines in Wanneroo, which is somewhere special for Amy and her family, as they spend a lot of time there. Little Emily wasn’t too interested in participating in many photos (what 1 year old wants to sit still?!), but Chase was super cooperative and would constantly smile at the camera (“Cheeeeese!”). We went later in the day, so that we could take advantage of the beautiful light in the hour before sunset. Some of my favourite images are taken then – when the sun is low and glowing, and the light is less harsh. It can be a tricky time for little kids, as it’s often over dinner time or bed time, but these two coped pretty well. Such a beautiful family!
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