The Nanna of these gorgeous cousins won a voucher for a photo shoot in a charity event and so she chose to have photos taken of her grandchildren which I thought was a beautiful idea! We met at The Pines on an evening where the weather could go either way – but luckily for us the rain stayed away! These cousins are so close in age (except for one – can you guess who?!) – and were So.Much.Fun!! They have such an amazing relationship and so they were extremely comfortable with each other. They ran, they jumped, they danced, they played in the tee pees, they picked flowers (and threw them on Scott’s head!),  they told secrets (mostly about stealing goodies from poor Grandad!), they plotted sleepover requests, and made love hearts with their hands. The only rule I have in sessions is to try to be as close to each other as possible – and it was so easy with this group as they obviously have such a fun relationship. I think it’s so beautiful that they’ll now have memories of this forever – their bond has been forever captured and preserved.

Sometimes when you think about having a photo shoot, you just think of your own family, but what an amazing idea to celebrate the cousin bond in a photo shoot just for them! Just as time passes for our own family, it also passes with our extended family. Having those memories of the fun and laughter as they were growing up together is so special. You can remember what they were all like together at that age – the dance they used to do together, the way they used to immerse themselves in games of imagination and share little secrets, and just simply who they were at that point in time. Their relationships will evolve as they grow, but they will always have these beautiful memories – and that’s what I love about photography!

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