The minute I entered the home to capture newborn images of little Iris, I was greeted by her laying peacefully on the floor while her two older brothers hovering over her with love and kisses. I began shooting immediately – her brothers were obviously super proud of their baby sister, and she was just lapping it up. The beauty of lifestyle sessions with older siblings, is that the whole session is ‘go with the flow’. There are no expectations on them to behave or be still. In this shoot, I took advantage of the gorgeous play room so the boys could play and I could just get some shots of their interaction together. I also guided them all on the bed together, and then watched what unfolded before me. The resulting image is one of my favourites  – it shows what life is like with kids – a life filled with fun, chaos and love. There were certain images I wanted to capture – such as Iris’s beautiful nursery, her gorgeous bassinet (check it out in the images!), and the carrier she spent a lot of time sleeping in. Iris was so peaceful for the entire shoot – I don’t think I even heard her cry once in the almost 2 hours I was there! She was bright eyed and interested in the camera – looking straight into my lens and following me around. At the very end she fell asleep in her carrier on her mum. Just peacefully and quietly fell asleep.

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