In June 2018, I captured The Birth of Chloe, so I was extremely excited when Charlotte contacted me to tell me that she was pregnant again and wanted me to be there for the birth of her second child!! Fast forward to August 2019, and I was receiving messages throughout the day that Charlotte’s contractions were getting closer together and more intense (while she was walking around the city so that Dylan could get a hair cut and buy new jeans!). Eventually I got the message to come to the hospital, so I raced off to St John of God Mt Lawley, which is always a little special to me, because it’s also the hospital I birthed all four of my own babies.

Seeing Charlotte and Dylan again, it was like no time had passed! To add to this feeling of going back in time, not only did they have the same Obstetrician, but they also had the exact same midwife who had delivered Chloe (and had also been there for the birth of Dylan’s older two daughters!)!! In all four of my births, I never had a repeat midwife, so this was quite amazing!! Then to add to that, Charlotte’s birth experience was almost identical. After progressing relatively slowly in terms of dilation, dinner arrived and Dylan and I both ate (I always feel a little awkward eating in front of a labouring mother, but they insisted!). I joked during dinner that as soon as we’d finish, she’d suddenly be ready to push, as that’s what had happened with The Birth of Chloe. And surprisingly, that’s EXACTLY what happened again!!! As soon as we’d finished eating, Charlotte was suddenly fully dilated and ready to push!!

She began pushing at 655pm, and only 5 minutes later at 7pm, their beautiful daughter was born!! She arrived peaceful and content, and completely perfect. Welcome to the world Lacey!! The very next day I was back at the hospital to capture little Chloe meeting her baby sister for the first time during their Fresh 48 session.

If you’d like me to capture a birth for you as well, I only take on a very small number each year. Contact me to book in or ask me any questions! You can also view my Birth Portfolio, and 10 reasons to invest in Birth Photography. I look forward to hearing from you!


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