Aileen and I met in mothers group with our first babies. Her little girl Abby was 3 months older than the rest of our babies, and at the time that seemed like such a big deal! I always felt like Aileen knew so much more than me because her baby was older than mine! That was over 10 years ago now, and since then we’ve both gone on to have 3 more children each (Yep! We’re both crazy enough to have 4 kids!!). We don’t get to see each other as often as we used to (distance and time comes between us all), but we catch up when we can and I’ve been lucky enough to photograph her family for the last 3 years. Aileen is one of those amazingly organised people who ensures that they get a photo session every year and I think it’s a GREAT idea. What better way to document how everyone is growing, and to also dedicate some time just to your family??! I’m sure this doesn’t excite her family at the moment – but one day they’ll appreciate how they have beautiful images each year documenting how they’ve grown and changed.

This year we had FOUR attempts to get out session in!! The first time was cancelled due to illness, and the next two due to weather. Finally fourth time was the charm – although we had to change locations to Perry’s Paddock (we’d been planning to check out the beautiful blossoms in the hills). Now, I LOVE Perry’s Paddock, however I’ve never been there when the grass (weeds??!!) have been soooo long and unfortunately this caused quite a few hay fever issues, particularly for poor Aileen and Abby. She sent me a photo later that evening with their eyes red and puffed up, and a warning not to touch my eyes with my hands before washing them! So although I love Perry’s Paddock, I might avoid it during spring if you suffer from hay fever too badly! Luckily for us, there is no evidence of red puffy eyes in the images, and as usual they all look gorgeous! I’ve always loved photographing Aileen and I know this will probably embarrass her – but the camera just loves her! She’s truly beautiful and expressive, and her smile is so warm and sincere. I don’t think she even knows how to ‘fake smile’?!

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