Emily and Hayden were due to have their first baby boy, and wanted to include their 3 dogs (fur babies!) in their maternity session. I’m always more than happy to do this, and Perry’s Paddock is a perfect location to do so! I love Perry’s Paddock for its open fields, the trees, the gorgeous white house, the magical sunsets and the opportunity for those beautiful silhouette images. This is the perfect place to take some time to capture this once in a lifetime moment – a time before your baby is born, and your body is going through all of those crazy changes. it’s a time you’ll look back on and remember – a time before you knew who this little person was, and before you’d held him in your arms. So much anticipation, mixed in with some nerves and excitement. Don’t let this time pass without celebrating how beautiful you are as you carry your baby in your belly!!

Emily said that during her session she felt ‘very comfortable’ and said that my shooting style was “Very casual in the sense that you don’t make people feel like they’re on show. You capture people’s real expressions and feelings in a photo rather than the shell on the outside that most posed photos do in my opinion”. She described the photos she received as “Unmasked; authentic, charismatic”. Mission accomplished!!

Emily says: “Alana’s work is absolutely incredible, not only does it show in her photographs but she has this ability to make you feel completely comfortable and at ease no matter how silly you think you look. She’s very easy to talk to and makes sure you understand her intent behind the images and uses her experience to get you the best possible results. Her images portray in my opinion a real authenticness in the subject she’s photographing, there’s no perfect ‘posing’ you simply be yourself-with a bit of silly- and she manages to capture a side of you that you may never have seen of yourself before. My partner and i were blown away by our photographs. 10/10 ”

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