The Milner Family is like my own family, as Ciara has been my best friend since High School. I grew up sleeping over at their house, and experiencing what life was like in a large family compared to my own tiny one at the time (not so tiny anymore ha ha!). Since then, we’ve been in each others weddings, held each others babies (Ciara stayed the entire night one night and held my youngest baby so that I could sleep – now that’s a true friend!), had play dates with our kids, and Ciara’s sister Anna’s children go to the same school as my own kids. Ciara is ‘Aunty Ciara’ to my kids, and I’m ‘Aunty Lans’ to hers. I’ve shot for Anna’s mothers group, and I’ve shot for Kevin and his dog Rocco. I was so happy to shoot for their entire family recently at Perry’s Paddock. There is always a lot of fun and laughter when this family are together, and I love being around them. They have a great sense of humour and don’t take themselves too seriously, so they were more than happy to have fun with it all. We had adults being lifted in the air, kids being spun around, shoulder rides, Nanna and Bop dancing together (yes, the kids call their Grandfather ‘Bop’ – so cute!) and running races. All of this makes for some genuine laughter and genuine emotions – which is what I love to capture the most. The kids also had a lot of ideas themselves, and I was hearing ‘Alana! Alana!’ as they wanted me to take a photo of them doing something particular! Although it was pretty cold down at Perry’s Paddock that evening (particularly for those in sleeveless outfits!), I think we all had a lot of fun. Thank you Milner/Armour/Slim clan for letting me capture some memories for you, and thank you for always welcoming me into your family!

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