Jade contacted me quite awhile ago and was interested in getting some photos taken with her and her partner, although her partner took a little convincing! She got there in the end, and I’m soooo glad she did as I LOVE all of her images!! We met at Perry’s Paddock during the Golden Hour (it’s so beautiful there at that time), as Jade liked that it would remind Zac of growing up on the farm. Jade also brought along a couple of blankets which were special to her – one which her mum had made for her 21st birthday, and one which is in her favourite colour and is what they use in their home together. It was quite cold, so the blanket came in handy at the end! I told Jade and Zac not to worry about having to smile at the camera, and that if they were ever unsure of what to do, just to get close to each other and touch each other in some way. For me, the perfect photo is one that shows your genuine connection, and I love that Jade and Zac’s images do that. Their connection was beautiful and real, and we spoke about how once you find your person that it’s hard to imagine life without them. I absolutely love that Jade and Zac took time out to celebrate their relationship together and get some beautiful images taken of their connection. Just the two of them. Before marriage, before kids, just Jade and Zac. Where it all begins. I truly believe that they are going to have such a beautiful life together, and I’m so happy to have been a part of celebrating their relationship.

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