Ashlee is my beautiful sister in law. Her and her husband Matthew (my husband’s younger brother), are due to have their baby any day now – and fingers crossed I get to be there at the birth! Soooo excited!! They’re having the first girl born into our immediate family since my own daughter 10 years ago! Since then there have been SEVEN boys born (3 of them are mine!)!!! I was so happy to capture some images for them so they could celebrate this special time in their lives. We met at John Oldham Park, on a rather dodgy weather day. It was also their anniversary of when they got together – so it was a perfect date to choose. Luckily the rain stayed away for us, and we were able to get some beautiful images. Matt is already emotional about becoming a Daddy – I can only imagine what he’ll be like at her birth!! He talks to his daughter every day, and so I really wanted to capture that memory for them. This is something their daughter will now not only get to hear about, but will also get to see. I also asked him how he felt when he found out he was having a little girl, and the look he gave was beautiful. She’ll now also be able to be part of that memory with them. I can’t wait to watch this little girl grow up in our family, and to watch Matt and Ashlee as parents. They’re both always so amazing with their neices and nephews, that I know they’ll be awesome at this. You’ve got this guys!!

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