I met little Zoey and her big sister Adalyn in July for their Lifestyle Newborn session. Zoey was awake playing with her Daddy when I arrived, and stayed awake until she fell asleep peacefully in her Mummy’s arms at the end of the session. I was lucky enough to get some sleepy cuddles, and I have to admit, it took A LOT for me to give her back! That feeling of a little baby nuzzling into my neck as they sleep is a very familiar one to me. It also made me think about how quickly that time passes. Just the year before, my days were consumed with holding my youngest for his day sleeps. Every single day. Fast forward a year, and that never happens at all. Not even once. He’s moved on. Life has changed. There are new routines and yet another new ‘normal’ for our family. That’s why capturing these sessions is so important to me. I LOVE that the memories are captured in your own home – that the whole family can be a part of it and that the images become a story of your whole life at that point in time. You’ll remember that house, that couch, that bedspread, the way you used to bath your baby on the kitchen bench…all of those things are so important to the story of your family. In this session, their gorgeous dog Fudge joined us right at the end and I love that too – he is such a special part of their family.

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