Perth Location Options for your Family Photo Session!

You’ve decided to book in a photo session to capture some memories – perhaps you’re investing in a family shoot to remember your family as it is now; a couple session to celebrate your relationship; or a maternity session to celebrate your beautiful growing baby bump. In all of my sessions my main focus is on capturing the connections between you, and the little details. To do this, I usually place you close together on a rug. The aim of this is not to get you to all smile towards the camera – the aim is just to get you CLOSE. From there, it’s quite common for me to be running around and capturing you all from different angles – above, below, left, right, behind and in front. It can feel like you’re staying in one spot for a long time, but because I’m moving around a lot, I’m capturing you from all different perspectives. I’m also looking out for those little details – your little one holding onto your hand; a stray curl of hair blowing across your face; a beautiful expression on your face. The fact that I move a lot also has the added benefit of ensuring that you’re not tempted to always just smile at the camera – because the camera keeps moving! For this reason, the actual location isn’t always important. However, it’s always nice to be in a location that you feel represents what you want to get out of the shoot. As I’m based North of the River, I’ve put together a few locations I regularly shoot at. This doesn’t mean you can only choose from these locations – as I’m always open to new suggestions or places that are important to you – but these are just the places which are regulars for me.

  1. The Wanneroo Pines. This place is great to go to with kids, as they love to explore amongst the tee pees made of sticks, play with said sticks, and jump on the logs. This allows them to burn off some energy between shots – or capture some candid images of them playing. These candid images often result in those genuine smiles and fun energy kids have when they’re free to play. While kids are playing, I can take the opportunity to get some images of mum and dad. It’s also a beautiful location for maternity shoots – the tall trees make a beautiful backdrop to show off your pregnancy. It’s always most beautiful to go here (as it is with most locations) in the hour before sunset. The glow from the setting sun gives off a beautiful magical feel – especially when it peaks between the trees. If you’re unable to book your shoot during Golden Hour (that hour before sunset), then the trees do provide a decent amount of shade, making it an option for daytime shoots as well. 
  2. Burns Beach. This location is most popular for maternity shoots. It can be more challenging with family shoots depending on ages of the children, due to the water. Burns Beach is beautiful as it also provides some rocks and greenery as a backdrop, without needing to solely rely on the water backdrop. The absolute best time of the day for a beach session is the Golden Hour – the hour before sunset. I generally don’t like to shoot here outside of those hours unless the day is particularly overcast, or if timing wise the shoot needs to be at another time. Maternity sessions here are beautiful – the setting sun makes a great backdrop to a pregnant tummy. 
  3. Perry’s Paddock. This is another location which is best towards golden hour, as there’s a lot of open space. This is one of my favourite locations to shoot at, as we can utilise the trees while the sun is still quite high, and then move to the open field once the sun starts to set. This is where I get some silhouette shots which is always a fun way to show off your family! This location is pretty much perfect for any type of shoot – there’s a lot of space for kids to run around, an abundance of gorgeous light, and the sky always looks beautiful once the sun has set. There’s also a beautiful old white building which can be used as backdrops.
  4. James Spiers Park, Wanneroo. I love this park for the variety it brings to a session. It’s particularly beautiful in Autumn with the leaves fallen on the ground. This park offers a beautiful area with trees and greenery, a staircase, a wall for people to sit on, as well as a basketball court with a wall that is great for backdrops. There’s a lot of choices at this park, and also a lot of shade options for when shoots can’t be scheduled for golden hour. 
  5. Hyde Park. I love this location, although due to additional travel, I do charge a small travel fee to go here. There are so many choices at Hyde Park, and is another one which offers a lot of shade so is a good spot if we can’t schedule a session for the golden hour (although that time of day is always best no matter the location). 

These are just some of the options of places for your shoot. If you’d like to organise a location shoot for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, please Contact me. You can view more family sessions in my Maternity Portfolio or Family Portfolio.




Burns Beach Maternity Session | Jordan

I met with Jordan and her son at Burns Beach on a freeeeezing afternoon. We’d had a bit of bad luck with weather and having to reschedule sessions, and had almost had to cancel that session as well as it had been raining on and off throughout the day. We decided to keep it. I felt so bad for Jordan – she looked absolutely beautiful in her outfit – yet I was freezing all rugged up, so could only imagine how ice cold she was! We had a quick session due to the weather conditions, but I absolutely love the images. I love that she included her son in them. The image of his little legs wrapped around his Mummy’s tummy is the perfect image of the time they have together before his title as an only child is over and his little sister is born. Just as with maternity sessions with mums and dads, I also love to not only focus on the growing bump, but also the connection between mum and son. And the connection between these two was so obvious. He loved cuddling in to his Mummy, and kissing his little sister through her tummy.

If you’d like to view more maternity images, look at my Maternity Portfolio. If you’d like to book a session for yourself, or a gift for someone else, Contact me here.



The Pines Wanneroo Maternity Session | Charlotte and Dylan

Charlotte and Dylan are the beautiful couple who allowed me into their special time with capturing the birth of their daughter Chloe (see blog post The Birth of Chloe). Whilst Chloe was still tucked safely inside her Mummy’s tummy, we met for her Maternity session at the Wanneroo Pines (we may have had a little miscommunication, and they ended up at the Pines in Ellenbrook instead – oops!). I’m so glad we found our way to each other in the end, because I just love these images, and I’ve come to love this couple as well!

I have to admit that when I saw the outfit Charlotte had chosen to wear, I did a little internal happy dance – how gorgeous does she look?! This is the perfect time to find something romantic and flowing to wear, to really show off the beauty of pregnancy. Dylan complimented her perfectly – only real men wear pink, right Dylan?! During a Maternity session, I not only love to capture Mum’s beautiful belly – but if her partner and/or kids are there – I also love to capture their connection. Babies are beautiful, but they also bring about a lot of change. I think it’s really special to capture that time right before life changes – to remember the feeling of the time as well as what it looked like. I always look back fondly on my own 4 pregnancies, despite the discomforts and struggles that also came with them, so I love being able to capture that time for other mums. I always regret that I never had Maternity photos for myself – maybe 5th time hey….(don’t worry husband, that’s a joke….kind of…!)

If you’re interested in booking a Maternity session, Contact Me and we can discuss capturing some beautiful memories for you. I have packages available to include other special times as well, such as Birth, Fresh 48 and Newborn Lifestyle. If you’d like to view more beautiful maternity images, look at my Maternity Portfolio. You can also view Chloe’s Lifestyle Newborn Session here.


John Oldham Park Maternity Session | Ashlee and Matt

Ashlee is my beautiful sister in law. Her and her husband Matthew (my husband’s younger brother), are due to have their baby any day now – and fingers crossed I get to be there at the birth! Soooo excited!! They’re having the first girl born into our immediate family since my own daughter 10 years ago! Since then there have been SEVEN boys born (3 of them are mine!)!!! I was so happy to capture some images for them so they could celebrate this special time in their lives. We met at John Oldham Park, on a rather dodgy weather day. It was also their anniversary of when they got together – so it was a perfect date to choose. Luckily the rain stayed away for us, and we were able to get some beautiful images. Matt is already emotional about becoming a Daddy – I can only imagine what he’ll be like at her birth!! He talks to his daughter every day, and so I really wanted to capture that memory for them. This is something their daughter will now not only get to hear about, but will also get to see. I also asked him how he felt when he found out he was having a little girl, and the look he gave was beautiful. She’ll now also be able to be part of that memory with them. I can’t wait to watch this little girl grow up in our family, and to watch Matt and Ashlee as parents. They’re both always so amazing with their neices and nephews, that I know they’ll be awesome at this. You’ve got this guys!!

If you’d like to capture some of your own memories, Contact Me. If you’d like to view more beautiful maternity images, check out my Maternity Portfolio


Burns Beach Maternity Session | Crystal and Luke

I met Crystal and Luke at Burns Beach to celebrate their pregnancy with their first baby. Luke had encouraged Crystal to get some photos taken, and I’m so glad he did. She looked absolutely beautiful, and the outfits she chose were just perfect. White, flowing and lace always looks so beautiful at the beach. Not to mention those gorgeous head pieces! We were so lucky with the weather, which worked out great as Crystal and Luke were keen to get in the water for some shots. During maternity sessions I also like to celebrate the couple (if Dad is there), as this marks the time just before their lives are forever changed. It all started with them, and so it’s nice to be able to get some images to not only celebrate the growing bump, but also to celebrate them as a couple before the birth of their baby. This couple had such a sense of fun – their energy, love and affection for each other just made it so easy to photograph. They went on to have a baby girl, Tallulah, and I was lucky enough to capture Tallulah’s Newborn Lifestyle Session as well.

If you’d like to view more maternity sessions, check out my Maternity Portfolio. If you’re interested in booking a maternity session for yourself, Contact Me.