Why Dad’s should be in the frame too

Usually it’s the mum’s who are inspired to organise a family photo session, and the dad’s are generally not overly excited about the idea. Sometimes their resistance means that they don’t even want to attend the shoot, as they don’t want to be in any photos. I truly believe that it’s so important for both parents to be in some images with their kids (and even just with each other as a couple, which I do at most family sessions). Your kids love YOU, and one day these photos will be their memories too. They want to look back on photos with their dad and remember the way you looked as they were growing up – remember the way you used to carry them on your shoulders, or let them wrap their arms around your neck. They want to remember the top you used to love to wear and the way you used to laugh. These will be so important to them. Photos have always meant so much to me, as I grew up without my dad after he died when I was a baby. The only things I have left of him are some photos and a couple of videos, and they mean so much to me. It’s the way I can connect with him and remember a life I don’t even remember having. Just as it’s given me a passion for photography, it’s also made me absolutely love the connections I see with dads and their children, and I truly love being able to capture that. My family sessions are not stiff and formal – there’s no need to look at the camera and smile awkwardly (although you can if you want to!) – I simply just want to capture interactions, and that includes with dads. So lift your child on your shoulders, grab him by the hand, or wrap her arms around your neck and spin her around – and get in the photos too dads!! Your kids will love those memories one day too – and who knows, you might even have fun in the process!

Here are some of my favourite images with dads during some of my sessions. To view more family sessions, check out my Family Portfolio. To book a session, or gift a session to someone, Contact me here.


In-home Family Lifestyle Session | Kate, Andre and Hugo

As well as shooting newborn lifestyle sessions, I also love family lifestyle sessions. I captured some of my favourite images for Kate, Andre and Hugo in their home in July. Prior to my sessions, I ask clients if there are particular images they’d like to capture – things that might be important to them and their family routines. I absolutely loved Kate’s response. Some of the images she wanted to capture included Hugo playing with his favourite toy (the colourful cups), their bed, making tea and toast in the kitchen and out the front of their house. While there we also went into Hugo’s nursery (check out that beautiful wall!!), and I quickly discovered that his favourite book is “Funny Bones”. He loves it so much that his mum often hides it just so that she can read something different! I knew I wanted to capture that memory for them as well, so I got them to read the book to him. These times are fleeting, and although we think we’ll always remember – we quickly move onto the next phase and a lot of things are forgotten. It’s important to me to capture some of those every day routine moments which are unique to each family. In my own life, I often think about little things that each of my children love to do at a particular time, and I try to find a way to capture it before they move on. For example, my son used to love pulling all of his books out of his bookshelf and ‘reading’ them when he was 1, and then he became obsessed with brushing his teeth when he was 2. He no longer does either of those things in the same way as he used to, but I have immortalised some memories of him doing them. I love being able to give that to families as well.

If you’d like to capture some of your own memories, Contact me and we can discuss the best choice for you. You can also view more of my family sessions in my Family Portfolio.