On the weekend I held some mini sessions at Hyde Park. Mini sessions are truly amazing value – they’re a great way to have a short, sharp session (perfect for restless kids!), and save some money whilst STILL getting some amazing print enlargements at the end of it, and a wide selection of images. Kelly booked in for her mini session as she felt that the timing would suit her children’s attention spans, and because she always felt guilty for not having a newborn shoot for her daughter like she did for her son…don’t we all always feel guilty about something?! Kelly also wanted to get some beautiful images of the kids to give to the grandparents, and to show the kids when they’re older – shots that also include her IN the frame instead of being the one always taking the photo with her phone! Even though it’s a mini session, you still receive a full gallery to choose from, and can upgrade to receive all of the images if you love them all (which Kelly did).

We had a really fun session – the kids played and jumped and did flying with Daddy, and spinning with Mummy, and I also made sure to get some of mum and dad together. How gorgeous does Kelly look in that dress! Her outfit was the perfect choice for the photo shoot – I absolutely love lightly patterned dresses for images! It was the perfect choice! As with all of my sessions, the focus isn’t of getting the perfect ‘everyone smile at the camera’ image. Although I usually put everyone together at the start, and at various points throughout the session, I truly love to capture individual personalities. I also love to allow kids to be kids and I find that following them around and showing an interest in what they’re doing and what THEY want to do, is more likely to bring out genuine emotion compared to forcing them to sit still and smile at a strange lady holding a camera!

Frankii and Chet (yes that’s their names – how gorgeous!!!! I almost want to have another child just to use those names!) were just beautiful to shoot. Chet examined some of my photos in camera to make sure they were good enough, and this also encouraged him to give a big smile for a few photos, as he wanted to see what he would look like! Frankii had the usual energy and curiosity of an 18 month old, and I certainly got in some exercise chasing her around (as did Chet who assumed the big brother role and ‘lovingly’ tried to hold her still at times!). I loved meeting this family and capturing some memories for them!

If you’d like to book a session, or a mini session, please Contact me and feel free to ask any questions!