I was so excited to get to see Chloe again after capturing her birth two months ago. I’ve loved following Chloe’s journey from her mummy’s maternity session (see Charlotte’s Maternity Session) to her birth (see The Birth of Chloe), and now her Newborn Lifestyle session. Chloe was so good during her session – she was either sleeping or happy the entire time. Her Mummy Charlotte and Daddy Dylan were surprised by this, as they insisted that she was normally more challenging to get to sleep – but during the session she just peacefully stayed asleep even when moved from person to person. I reckon she remembered me from her birth and was excited to see me too lol. She’d already grown so much and was already interacting with everyone around her – including her two sisters were also there to shower some love on her.

During newborn lifestyle sessions I love to capture the things that occur every day – such as changing your baby, or feeding her – as well as giving the opportunity to just spend a moment holding your baby (in nice light lol) and just look at her little features and soak her in. It gives you a moment to stop and appreciate the little baby features amidst what can sometimes be the chaotic first few months. I love being able to provide these memories to people. Those first few months can sometimes feel never ending when you’re dealing with the challenges of baby wind problems, lack of sleep, and settling into your ‘new normal’ – but they DO end. Suddenly you realise that you’re not holding her for sleeps anymore, that she doesn’t fit into that outfit anymore, and that life has changed from what it once was. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll miss it. By having the photos to look back on you can ‘holiday’ in that time again and remember what it was like.

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