I love newborn lifestyle sessions, and I especially love them when you already have other children. What better way than to capture your kids getting to know each other, in the very environment that it’s all actually happening!! These real memories are the ones that will end up meaning the most – because they tell the story of what life was really like!! What it really looked like, and really felt like. You might feel like it will be this way forever, but it all changes so incredibly fast. Those toys they used to play with, they’ll outgrow…the way their room looks, it will change as they get older…the little details that make up your life as it is now, it evolves as the age of your kids change. It will never look quite this way again, and the details you think you’ll remember, you won’t. Until you see them in a photo and you smile and say ‘oh yeah! I remember what that felt like!’, and you might even pause and let yourself have a little holiday there in your mind.

The other obvious benefit of newborn lifestyle sessions when you have older children, is not having to pack everyone in the car to go somewhere! I come to you!! All you need to do is maybe clear some clutter from a few main rooms, and then just relax in your own environment! Let your baby feeds when he needs to feed, let your toddler have a break in another room when she’s not in the mood to be involved, get some snacks when needed…the freedom and ‘go with the flow’ nature of these sessions is exactly what you need when you’re learning to enjoy your life with your new baby!!

How beautiful is baby Lucas and his big sister Ava? Such a beautiful, fun, affectionate family, and extra special with their Grandparents also staying with them to get to know little Lucas. Grandparents being included in your session is one of my absolute favourite things…this is one bond you’ll always want to remember.

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