Special events for your kids are times you’d like to capture and remember, but you also want to be able to focus on them and the day itself, without worrying about trying to take your own photos. When I’m there to capture an event, I spend most of the time just walking around and looking for those little moments, expressions and interactions that are all part of the story of your day. We also make sure to get some more ‘formal’ photos with particular special guests, and the more formal parts of the ceremony. This leaves you just able to be in the moment and enjoy the day, knowing that you’ll have some beautiful photo memories to look back on afterwards! Memories that include YOU in them!!

Sofia had her christening at the Macedonian Orthodox Church – a place I’ve attended before for Ethan’s Christening. She coped so well with all of the formalities, and was obviously well loved by so many people around her. And how gorgeous does she look in her little outfit!! Sofia won’t remember this day at all, but she’ll always be able to look back on it and see what it was like!

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