I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a whole lot of time or motivation to get the camera out this month at home, BUT it remains super important to me that I continue capturing my own family and those little moments that make us, US. So here we go, a little snapshot of our June.


One of our weekly routines is pancakes for breakfast on Sunday. Now that Kohen has football games early on Sunday mornings, we have literally zero ‘relaxing mornings’ anymore – every morning is a super rush to get out of the house. So during football season our new routine is pancakes for Sunday lunch after his game, and it’s actually working out really well!


Alexi and Guitar

One thing I’ve been meaning to capture all year is Alexi learning guitar. She’s been doing a special program at school where the lessons are free (woo hoo!), and she’s been loving it. She takes herself off to her room to practise all the time, and her first report was amazing. I remember learning guitar in Primary School, but I think I only lasted a term at most!


Louie and his Planets and Countries

Louie is one smart cookie. He’s only four yet can read and write fluently – like he’s actually amazing. It doesn’t just stop there though, he also just loves learning and always finds something to focus his learning on. Very early on it started with letters and numbers, then with starting to read, but now that he’s mastered them he’s onto other topics. The first was planets. He knows his planets (and dwarf planets), and I have to admit, we’ve ALL learnt so much about them since he became interested! I mean, who knew there were even Dwarf Planet Candidates?! He even has Alby requesting ‘planet songs’ on the tv all the time, and Alby called his red lollipop ‘Mars’. Now that he’s pretty good at planets, he’s become interested in countries. Geography is NOT my strong point, so when he gives me little tests, I usually fail! Every night he and Kohen give each other 3 countries to find on the map before going to sleep.


Louie’s first disco

Now that Louie’s in kindy he was able to go to his very first disco. He was soooo excited, and more than happy to practise some of his moves for me in photos before going. He danced his way up to the disco, and he danced his little heart out in the disco as well with his girlfriend (yes, girlfriend – he loves her!), and his best friend. Watching him dance and be so free and have so much fun made me so happy!!


Alexi’s final year of disco

Just as Louie starts his disco career, Alexi’s one is coming to a close (at Primary School anyway!). Her and her two best friends went along to their final winter disco – complete with perfume and handbags. It doesn’t seem that long ago that she was Louie’s age going along….Sigh….


Waiting for Nanna

Most days my mum (Nanna) comes here, and Alby often waits by the window. It’s super helpful when she comes as it means I don’t need to take him with me to pick the kids up from school. As most mornings are filled with me chasing him through the school, it’s a relief to not having to worry about the afternoons!


Arts and Crafts

Of course, most of my monthly updates include some kind of images of my kids doing some kind of arts and crafts. I’m so lucky in that they just do all of this themselves – I really don’t have to do anything to get them interested in creating. Their craft table is in the same room as my computer, so often I’m editing and working while they’re busy creating.


Capturing these daily moments and little memories means that they never really leave me. I can always look back and remember when my life looked like this. If you’d like me to capture some memories for you too, Contact me here. You can also view more of my work in my Family Portfolio.