Recently I’ve had quite a few sessions where the little babies were just too eager to enter the world, and came along earlier than planned. Sylvie is one of those gorgeous babies who had a little bit of a challenging start to life, but now is here in the arms of her parents who just completely adore her!! I always love watching first time parents. It takes me back to the days when my own daughter was first born, and this whole new world had just opened up in front of me. Everything is new, it’s fresh, it’s uncertain and scary and exciting all at once – not to mention exhausting! The reality that this little baby belongs to you is one that takes awhile to sink in, and you spend your days just watching them. I’m so happy to be able to give parents beautiful memories of this time in their lives. This is the most fleeting time where your baby changes rapidly in front of your eyes, and it’s not until you look back on a photo or go to dress them in an outfit that suddenly no longer fits, that you realise how much they’ve changed. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture your baby just as they are – they’ll never be like this again!

Sylvie’s Grandmother had arrived a few days before, spending some quality time with her first grandchild and was a special part of the photo session as well. Freezing these moments in time will not only mean so much today, but will also mean so much when they’re separated by distance and able to look back on these memories together. Looking at an image helps you transport back in time to that very place, and relive all of those emotions again. If you have a grandparent you’d love to include in your session – invite them along!!

I loved spending time with this family and their beautiful daughter. She is a very wanted, very magical part of their lives, and I hope they treasure these memories of when she was so small. If you’d love to capture some once in a lifetime memories for yourself, Contact ma and we can chat. You can also view more examples of my work in my Lifestyle Newborn Portfolio.