Born 10 weeks early at only 30 weeks gestation, Sofia has spent a lot of her life in the NICU and had only come home a few days before our session. She’s come home to a full house of three gorgeous sisters, and one beautiful brother, and of course her parents who are absolutely besotted with her. I can only imagine how challenging and emotional it would have been for them over the past couple of months as they visited Sofia every day in hospital, and ached to bring her home where she belongs. It’s not the way they planned the start of her life, or the end to Gemma’s pregnancy. They’d planned a maternity session…they’d planned a baby shower…but instead they welcomed their daughter into their world 10 weeks early. A whole 10 extra weeks of knowing her and loving her. Ten extra weeks of their journey in this world together.

And now she’s home, and she’s perfect. Capturing these early days with Sofia at home is something I’m so happy to have been given the opportunity to do. Celebrating this once in a lifetime experience for families is something that is so much more than a job to me. It’s their story and I’m honoured to capture it. In those newborn days the story involves feeds and cuddles, and hours spent staring at this perfect creation. With siblings, it includes a little bit of chaos and beautiful moments watching them begin to bond and learn how they all fit together. These are the moments you can never get back.

Not only does Sofia have the love of her siblings and her parents, she also has the adoration from her Aunty and her Grandmothers, and I loved being able to include them in some of her memories when they came for a visit. It’s fair to say that this house is full, it’s chaotic, it’s loving, it’s beautiful, it’s fun and it’s all kind of perfect. Thank you for letting me capture this magical time in your lives, this time you can never get back, but that you can relive through your photos.

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