I want to start this off by saying that I’m not opposed at all to taking photos with my phone. My phone is full of photos and memories – I’d rather take it with my phone than not at all. However, something I hear sometimes is that people think that because our phones can take photos (remember back in the day when they didn’t?!!), there’s not much point in taking photos with our cameras, or hiring someone to take photos with theirs. Before I move on from this too, I also want to point out that a lot of people think that it’s the CAMERA that takes good photos, without realising or understanding that there is a LOT of learning, creativity and skill that goes into taking quality images and using your camera in full manual as opposed to just clicking away in auto and hoping for the best. But that’s for another blog. The purpose of this blog is to point out the difference between images taken with your phone compared to those taken with a camera. I’ve pulled these examples from my own albums, and none of these I’d intentionally shot for this purpose – but they’re all taken in the same spot, on the same day. One with my phone (just to capture the memory before it disappears), and then with my camera (because I want a better quality memory). Here are some examples:


This is of my youngest baby in his cot on his birthday. The first image is taken with my phone as I was also recording us singing to him and wanted to capture his expression. Then of course I picked up the camera to get some additional better quality images.


This is my youngest again – asleep in his cot. A quick phone photo as I thought he’d wake up – but then once realising he was deep asleep – pulled out my camera for some nicer shots.


This is of my two boys playing. Quietly. Without fighting! Definitely a moment to record! Who knows how long these moments will last, so the first is taken with my phone (it’s usually on me and the quickest to get to), and the second is taken with my camera once I realised they were still happily absorbed in their game.


This is taken when our family all went down south. It’s not the same image, but it’s the same location and the same day. The first is taken with my phone, and the second with my camera (although that’s probably pretty obvious!)


This is also taken on holiday and is the exact same location.


This last one is of my son and his cousin running around with balloons. My phone struggled with the light and with the motion, but knowing how to use the camera meant that I was able to capture the movement, as well as capture the memory.




And there you have it – just a few examples of the difference between the quality of a phone photo vs a camera photo, and why it’s definitely worth it (in my opinion) to take some images with your camera (and learn how to use your camera properly) – or even better – hire me to take some beautiful images for you! The moral of the story is that capturing the image in whichever way possible is always better than NOT capturing it, but that the difference between a phone and a camera is pretty big. Phones are great, and I’m so glad we’re able to take photos with them, but they can never be as beautiful as those images taken with a camera.

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