My passion for photography started when I was a kid, and grew when I had my own children. Since starting photography as a business, I’ve found that I take less images of my own children, and get further behind with editing them and printing them (yes, I love to actually PRINT images!). By creating a monthly blog, it gives me that little prompt to make sure that I don’t lose sight of photographing the very people who mean the most in the world to me. So here is our November story!

Sometimes I look at my kids and I’m just inspired to pick up the camera and record what they’re doing. I love capturing what is really happening, and then just take it from different angles. In this case, my two youngest are just sitting next to each other on the couch. Just simple daily events, but one which reminds me that Alby has only just started sitting still for longer than 10 seconds at a time, and has only just discovered sitting on the couch. It also reminds me of how their relationship is evolving now that Alby is less of a ‘baby’ and is able to play with Louie. The

More examples of this is just capturing them as they’re engrossed in play. I noticed Louie playing with dinosaurs, and I also noticed how lovely the light was. This creates the perfect opportunity to take some photos without any complaints. I think in this case I asked him to touch the orange dinosaur, or show me the green dinosaur, but other than that I just took photos as he played. In Alby’s room I had to capture the mess created on the new rug ($20 from Kmart!), and Alby actually READING on the floor!!! This is the kid who wouldn’t sit still for one sentence in a book just a month ago, and now he’s turning pages and is actually interested in them! Those bedtime stories have finally paid off (even if I had to speed read most of them!). Alby has also discovered playdough this month – and he’s finally old enough to sit at the craft table. It’s really quite strange seeing him sit there – how does time fly by so fast?? It feels like he was just born last month….

Louie has always loved the cat and dog. He’ll often ‘walk’ the dog around the backyard, or follow and copy the cat. I’ve actually discovered him in the past drinking from the dog water bowl…I know…so disgusting!!! I heard the noise of water and then walked around the corner to find him on his hands and knees drinking from it. Ewww. These days he just gives them love whether they like it or not!

Louie also loves reading – he’s allllways loved letters and numbers, and at the age of only 3 he can read AND write a lot of words. I’m not just talking ‘cat’ and ‘dog’ here – I’m talking words like ‘house’ and ‘already’ and ‘otherwise’ – like long words! He sounds them out and figures it out. The other day my mum came in with a bag and straight away he read that it said ‘Eat more fish’. I don’t know why I still get surprised when he can read something, but I do! Here he is after reading the dictionary – something he’s been liking to do over dinner time! Sometimes it just gets a little much though when you’re constantly learning and you just gotta rest on your book!! He also loves writing – these are the moments I love capturing my kids the most – when they’re engrossed in an activity and I can just capture them as they are.

Is dinner time a challenge in everyone’s house?! It may look like it’s all healthy here with the fruit being eaten – however Louie is THE worst eater in the entire world. The ONLY fruit he eats is apple, and we’re lucky if he has one of those per month. He eats no vegetables, no meat, just NOTHING. It’s a constant battle, and one that at the moment he is winning. The best thing he eats is greek yoghurt. Sigh. Meanwhile the others are pretty good eaters, although Alby can get a little whingy in his high chair sometimes. I like to capture those moments too!

Lastly, this month our oldest Alexi won a NATIONAL photo competition! She had to submit an entry of 3 images which adhered to the theme ‘What Makes Me Happy’. It’s the perfect theme for her as she’s such a positive person. She took images of her 3 brothers and also had to write a brief to go with her entries. We found out this month that SHE WON! She then made it to the front page of the local paper (well one of her photos of her brother did so he gets all the glory!). Funnily enough, when she was trying to get the photo of him he was being a challenge (as usual), and she told him that if he let her take one then she’d make him famous…and she kinda did!!

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