I’ve known Renee since we worked together a long time ago (pre-kids!!), so I was extremely happy to take some photos for her and her gorgeous family. And how gorgeous they are!! Renee is one of the most beautiful and stylish women I know, so I knew she’d turn up with everyone looking effortlessly beautiful – and she did! I love how she mixed some beautiful neutrals with some splashes of colour; how she added texture and interest through her skirt and belt and Leila’s gorgeous patterned dress; how she found the perfect balance between light and dark; and how their outfits were perfect for the location – casual and comfortable whilst still being stylish and beautiful. Simple clothing when done well is so effective!

As for the session – well it was easy to capture their connections as they were so naturally affectionate with each other! Leila obviously just adores her big brother Josh, and was more than happy to be picked up by him or to cuddle into his legs. He in turn, was so beautiful with her as well, and I especially loved being able to capture how much of a protective brother he is. There’s one image where she’s sitting on his lap, and he’s gently moving her hair out of her face. I’m so glad that they’ll have these memories of their relationship during this time in their life!

During sessions with younger kids, I always take my cues from them. When they’re happy to be in photos, I take the opportunity, but if they need a break, I let them have one. I never want parents to feel that their kids need to be ‘on’ the whole time during a photo session, or that they need to behave a certain way. In this case, we captured a lot of images at the start of the session as that’s when Leila was more happy to oblige, but then she needed a little time to be ‘free’, so we took our cues from that. Not to mention, there is always beauty in a child who is happy doing her own thing, or who is seeking comfort from mum or dad.

Renee’s husband Pete doesn’t like to be on social media, however he has let me share a few of the images of him from the shoot. It’s important for everyone to know that there is never any pressure to share your images. As much as I love being able to share what we’ve created together, there is never any pressure for you to share them if you’d rather keep them private.

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