The day was cold, wet and stormy. We considered cancelling as we all had to travel to get to the Crawley Boat Shed, but we decided to brave it. Despite the weather, there were still a few others who were keen to get photos at the popular spot – resulting in a small line. In the end though, I think it was a blessing in disguise that the weather was so bad, as the line to get photos there can be long during golden hour on a beautiful day(the hour before sunset). The main reason for taking photos at this beautiful spot was because Joy and Jeremy wanted a new photo to place in a frame in their house, and specifically wanted the blue colours from the boat shed. Even though this was the goal, I still wanted to get some other family shots of their girls and of them all together. I took some between turns on the jetty. The girls have such a close relationship, and were very affectionate with each other. Those are the little details that I love to capture – some of my favourite images don’t even involve people looking at the camera – but instead show their connection in other ways. In this case – through arms wrapped around each other, heads leaning on each other, and hands being held. That’s just beautiful to me. It’s so easy to take things for granted, so I love being able to focus on the little details that tell the story of the family and their relationship. We couldn’t spend long there – it quickly rained again – but I’m so glad we went.

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