Melissa wanted to book in a family photo session while her parents were visiting from Malaysia, and she also wanted to include her in-laws in the photo shoot. I thought this was a beautiful idea, especially as I later found out what a special place they all have in the family. Both of Melissa’s children have two middle names each – one chosen by each of their Grandparents. I thought that was just beautiful! Prior to her shoot, Melissa and I discussed location options – you can check out this blog for Location options for your photo shoot! We decided on Hyde Park which is such a beautiful location, and was a good choice for her young children as Hyde Park is beautiful even outside of the Golden Hour. Melissa also received some styling assistance through this blog Styling tips to help you plan your photo shoot, and she sent me images of outfits she was considering. Styling can be such a stressful part of planning your photo shoot, especially when you’re trying to coordinate so many people. I think they did an amazing job – everyone looked perfect! Splashes of colour, pattern and interest, whilst also remaining in the same colour tones.

Driving to the shoot, it began pouring with rain and we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to go ahead with the shoot. Luckily for us, the rain cleared as soon as we arrived, and was perfect for the time we were there. It was such a fun shoot – everyone was relaxed and just seemed to be having so much fun with each other. Their connection was really able to be captured, as they all genuinely seemed to enjoy each others company. Bubbles were a massive hit with the kids at the start of the session, and I think helped them to relax as well. Little Paige just loved posing for the camera, and Ari was so beautiful to photograph. I genuinely enjoyed spending time with this family, and capturing some amazing memories for them. Melissa chose the Deluxe Collection, so she was able to keep all of her images (this makes me soooo happy, as I truly love clients being able to have all of their images and their full story!). She also receives two enlargements, a beautiful linen photo book, and a slideshow of her images set to music which is shared above. I love the Deluxe Collection, as I really feel that it allows your full story to be told. Thank you for such a fun afternoon!

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