Every time I look at the images of the gorgeous Jude, my heart does a little flutter. Those big brown eyes and perfect features…it’s just too much! I love Newborn Lifestyle Sessions – they have to be one of my favourite sessions to do. The newborn stage can be such a blur for us as mums, and yet also something that we look back on and wish we could revisit for just a moment. As cliché as it is, they really do grow so fast. I love capturing memories for families in their own environments. I love knowing that when they look back on their precious babies, they’ll also be able to look back on what life was really like at that time. That couch they spent so much time cuddling their baby on; the nursery they spent all the time decorating; the way their older child would smother the baby with love; the beauty and chaos all rolled into one.
The other reason that Newborn Lifestyle sessions are so amazing, is that the kids don’t need to be on their perfect behaviour. Little Jude was unsettled for some of the time, but that’s all part of the story. It’s a perfect time to preserve those daily memories we have of settling our babies and helping them through their sleepiness and tummy troubles. His big brother Xander was also gorgeous, and full of toddler energy! Being in his own environment allowed him to come in and out of the areas we were taking photos in – shower some energetic love on his baby brother – and then go back to entertaining himself, without the need to sit still and smile at the camera. Newborn lifestyle sessions are a beautiful way to preserve the memories of the most special times in our life – it can be challenging, beautiful, exhausting and peaceful all at once.
If you’re interested in booking a Newborn Lifestyle session, Contact Me and we can discuss capturing some beautiful memories for you too! View more beautiful Newborn Lifestyle images in my Lifestyle Newborn Portfolio. You can also learn more about Lifestyle sessions here.