I met little Eve and her family at their home on July 25th. Eve has a big sister Ruby, and mum Amanda had warned me that she took awhile to get warmed up to new people. She had told me this information through a pre-session questionnaire that I send out, which is a great way to get an understanding of the family I’m due to meet and what they want to capture. It was interesting watching Ruby – she would act somewhat shy, and yet in the next moment she’d be sneaking in the photos! It was obvious that she actually did want to be involved, but just needed a little warming up to the idea. By the end she was dancing and spinning all over the place! With toddlers, it’s always good to get them engaged in an activity that they enjoy to help them warm up. In Ruby’s case (as seems to be true for many of the toddlers I photograph), this involved reading books. She was so happy to read book after book on the bed with her family, and would run excitedly to get a new one. These every day moments are important to me to capture, as well as being a good distraction for the kids. It’s a win-win situation!

Meanwhile, little Eve was one of those ‘go with the flow babies’. She was asleep on the bed when I arrived, so I took advantage of capturing some images of her straight away. Unfortunately moving her woke her, but for the most part she was happy enough, although by the end I knew she was due for a lovely long sleep (probably being held by her mum which was where she liked to sleep the best). Amanda had mentioned that they had trouble getting photos of the two girls together, so as Ruby became tired towards the end of the session and climbed into her mum and dad’s bed with some milk, we took advantage of the situation and placed little Eve right beside her. That’s the beauty of lifestyle sessions – instead of forcing them together, we just followed what was naturally happening in front of us – this usually results in much less stress for everyone! I absolutely loved capturing images for this family.

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